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Paris, The City of Light is known as the fashion capital, the home of couture and in general, all things charming. Have you always relished the idea of living in Paris? Then, you’ll want to dive in deeper into all aspects of the iconic Parisian state of mind. If you also feel like Parisians are always elegant and in style, you’re not mistaken. If you’re captivated by their fashion sense, their chic manners and effortless sophistication, just keep on reading.

So what would you describe Paris first? I guess you probably will say it’s romantic, elegant, fashion as my first impression of Paris before I lived in there. After I get along with my french friends that she didn’t get me a good impression at the first time, which she said ”You have to speak french because you’re in France.” Well I have to admit that I’m not good at french, but I still try my best to learn it. Therefore, I don’t feel good by what she said to me. However, One time I chat with my another french friend who came from south of France that he say ” The most of european are cold at the first time, but you will find different side of their heart and their persistence in life when you get along with them.” 

I have published an article ”6 way of french lifestyle” before. And now I am going to share some points that french women’s life style.




首先說到巴黎,你會怎麼描述他呢?我想你可能會說這是浪漫,優雅,時尚,就如同我之前對巴黎的第一印象。之前在一個聚會裡,我遇見了我的巴黎朋友,當時他給我的第一印象很不好,她說:“你必須說法語,因為你在法國。” 好吧!我不得不承認我我不太會法語,但我很努力學習,到現在也是還在學習中。因此,她對我說的話我感覺不好。但是,有一次我和來自法國南部的另一個法國朋友聊天時,他說:“大多數的歐洲人,給人的第一次的印象都是冷冰冰的,不過在你跟他們多相處後,你會發現他們內心的另一面以及他們對生活的堅持。和他們一起。”


French women can eat cheese and bread and drink wine while maintaining their health, they look effortlessly chic in the most basic ensembles, and they make natural beauty look good. Here are 10 excellent tips that will have you feeling beautiful, chic, and effortlessly at-ease in no time:

1. Take your coffee black.

As a coffee lover, I always have a cup of my favorite coffee at the open-air café. I love it black, no sugar, no milk. Try it! People don’t like black coffee mostly because it is not prepared the right way. Invest in in good-quality coffee and a freshly ground is best! No matter what kind of coffee you like, just find what suits you best.

2. being unique

French womens are rarely dissatisfied with their looks, not because they’re beautiful since they were born, but they accept their imperfections.

3. Prioritize skincare over makeup.

A french women said ”In France we’re about glowing, great-looking skin, so we can have this no-makeup makeup look, and it works.” That is the reason why I put the skincare at the first thing that I have to do everyday. Remember, Don’t find skincare complicated, with many steps, and the French women secret is more about simplicity.

4.Don’t touch your face

Never touch your face. Not only is it a cause of acne breakouts, but it’s also simply undesirable. You will never catch a Parisian touching their face because they are aware of how quickly the hands get dirty and how this affects the skin on the face. Filthy hands translate into dirty skin, and with your face being the focal point of your entire look and style, you don’t want to risk a breakout.

5. Live by your rules. 

Every french women have their own life rule, just find yours that you don’t need to grieve yourself to please others. Such as the rules of mine is respect, punctual and humble.

6. Nature food.

Parisians value quality over quantity, so supermarkets are outnumbered by specialty stores. Most Parisians shop daily for fresh local ingredients. You go to the boulangerie for bread, the fromagerie for cheese, the patisserie for dessert pastries. These foods don’t contain preservatives, so Parisians are able to avoid heavily processed foods.

7. Statement Lips

When we think of a Parisian woman, we’ll close our eyes and see an elegant, confident lady with a bold lip. This is the identity of a Parisian – her lipstick. If you love a bold lip, whether it’s red.

8. Age Gracefully

While Parisians won’t stress about aging as the rest of the world, they still embrace anti-aging skincare. just not as obsessively as the rest of others. Their confidence and style are what comes from within, and no amount of wrinkles can lessen the impact of their inborn allure. In the attempt to replicate the Parisian state of mind, we invite you to age gracefully and make sure you are taking care of yourself. That’s the Parisian way.

9. Enjoy your time.

As a french woman, you can sit alone in the open-air café, read a book, drink coffee, drink red wine, and smoke. This state is very different from the misanthrope that we are currently in. The different is that they are not to get an attention, but a daily routine.

10. Practice pleasure rituals.

Feeling good is as important as looking good. Long baths, facials, massages, any type of treatment for the body are not luxuries; they’re essentials—no matter how busy your life is.























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