10 ways of how to live like a french women of elegance.

French woman.

What do you think of beauty?

In my opinion, the true intellectual beauty is not only established by appearance, but it’s from the heart. What do you think of when it talk about French women? I guess, you probably will say ”they are elegant and they have their own beauty.” Actually, french women have always given people a calm and elegant attitude towards life, no matter how old is she, which they can always show their attraction as an intellectual woman. I think there are 10 rules that makes them so relaxed and elegant.

10 tips for being your way of a Parisian.


在我看來,真正的知識之美不僅取決於外表,而且是發自內心的。 當談到法國女性時,你怎麼想的呢? 我猜,你可能會說“她們很優雅,擁有自己的美麗。”實際上,法國婦女總是給人一種淡淡而優雅的生活態度,無論她多大年紀,她們都可以隨時展現自己作為知識分子女人的吸引力。 我認為有10條規則使她們如此輕鬆優雅。

1. Love is part of life.

Some girls may think that marriage is the ultimate goal of love, which as soon as they get marriage, they think they don’t need to pay attention on their figure, also no longer have fantasies about love. However, French women don’t mind chasing love throughout their lives, no matter how old they are, they will be loyal to themselves and through love to prove that they have lived a life. Therefore, they still have love in their martial relationship, that they will prepare some surprises for each other.

2. Keep it simple.

Have you ever regretted the dark history of your exaggerated outfit? French women usually choose clothes with neutral tones, and even if they try bright colors. Keep it simple is the primary content on their idea of style. I can guarantee that you can’t see more than 3 colors appear on them.

3. Brand is not everything.

For french women, brand is not everything, which you will not usual to see they carry the handbag of luxury brand. Thence, they more love to carry the high quality of small brand.







4. Not follow the trend.

As I said on the previous point, the french women don’t want to define the value of themselves with luxury goods. They only wear clothes that they think are good, regardless of the rise and fall of the times, which they don’t care about the trend. They do have their own idea on the outfit.

5. Details

On the outfit, french women love to wear more comfortable and personalized clothes and take some points on the details, which they add sophisticated accessories to show their distinctiveness.

6. Embrace the Imperfections

I believe no one is perfect and the most of people cares about their imperfections also tries to cover them up. However, french women are grateful for their imperfections, which is the reason that they’re different than others. It is enough to make up for them with confidence and self-cultivation.


正如我在上面那點所說的那樣,法國女性不想用奢侈品來定義自己的價值。 他們只穿自己認為不錯的衣服,而不管時代的興衰如何,而不必關心潮流。 他們在服裝上確實有自己的想法。




我相信沒有人是完美的,大多數人都在乎自己的缺點,也試圖掩蓋它們。 然而,法國女性為自己的不完美而感激,這就是她們與眾不同的原因。 用自信和自我修養來彌補他們就足夠了。

7. Stand up straight.

Your posture determines who you are. No matter how the lazy French women are, their backs are always upright, which it’s kinda a self-confidence seems to penetrate from their bones.

8. Enjoy the leisure time

As long as the french women have time, they will open a book to add value of their mind. No matter it’s a time of a car trip or a moment lying on the beach or the grass, they will take the time to enjoy the leisure time. They believe the inherent charm is the most important.

9. can’t live without lipsticks.

For french women, they can hang out with no makeup, but they can’t without lipsticks. The lipstick is kinda a clothes for them, which if they didn’t take the lipsticks with them when they go out, just like they didn’t wear any clothes to go out.

10. C’est la vie

They think the nature is beauty, that they won’t do plastic surgery. So they pay lots of attention on the skincare, but they think everyone will be old, which it’s not possible to stay young forever. For them, the wrinkles are a testimony of life and this is life.







10. 這就是生活


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