Outfit : The Calming Effect with Coat

At face value, you’d be forgiven for regarding the grey coat humble, but don’t be fooled-—it’s actually one of the most versatile, and expensive-looking, options out there. They can fall into boring territory with the wrong combination, so what makes a good grey coat outfit? Allow me to demonstrate for you.

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How to be better? First Change yourself

Realizing that you aren’t living your best life can leave you feeling stuck and frustrated with yourself. Once you realize that you need to change yourself for your life and get better that you are already get a head start over others. While changing yourself completely is a tough goal to reach, it’s worth your effort and totally possible if you stick with it.


[ Attraction ]Fantastic Red Beach in Santorini, Greece

Red Beach Santorini – One of the most recognizable and beautiful of the Santorini beaches in my mind. The contrasting colors of soaring red cliffs are spectacular and amazing, while the ocean is clear and blue waters combine to make a perfect setting. This palette of contrasting colors creates ideal gazing or photo taking opportunities. I think it’s probably unique in the whole world, which red beach is one of my list recommendation that you have to visit in your life.


[ Attraction ]3 wonderful view Beach in Santorini, Greece

In Santorini, there are 3 wonderful beachs that you have to visit. In this time, I came to Santorini by myself, I only went to red beach with my friend who I met in Oia, which means I didn’t go to white beach and black beach. But I would love to go Santorini with my lover in the future and have a marvelous memory with him. Therefore, I will tell you some simple informations of white beach and black beach.


outfit : all black 80s style

When it comes to fashion, minimalism has been the go-to look for some time now, to be honest, I am also a fan of minimalism, but there’s currently a change in the air. Perhaps feeling a little bored with all those simplistic styles recently, which designers and style stars alike have brought forward a new wave of maximal fashion that appears straight from the ’80s.


outfit : royal courts of ruffle front style

Fashion in the period 1600–1650 in Western European clothing is characterized by the disappearance of the ruff in favour of broad lace or linen collars. On my this outfit, you may see the pattern of royal style, which I think this is very special on this minimalism generation and the collars are also the style of 1600-1650.


Outfit : white and black

Black and White always is the classical color in fashion world especially when the day that Chanel is born. According to I’m very addicted on 90s fashion ,which I would love to try this style.