Outfit : White, Black, Gray

Black and White always is the classical color in fashion world especially when the day that Chanel is born. However, if you’re in doubt of choosing color of your outfits, just choose black, white or gray. Perfect pairing partners with any ensemble or quite striking as a monochromatic outfit. For soft, clean and confident – white. For strong, mysterious and sophisticated – black. For a neutral, friendly, chic comfort – grey.


[ Ramen ] Kodawari TSUKIJI Ramen in Paris

It’s like being in a little street in the Japanese seafood market, on account of the lively atmosphere and narrow restaurant. The ramen, made on site and served in delicious Landes poultry broths, attract not only Japanophiles, but gourmets from every horizon, which why here is the brand new hot Japanese address of the moment offering probably the best Ramen in Paris.


Runway – Max Mara FW Ready to Wear 2020-21

I think Max Mara has always been one of the leader of Milan Fashion Week, which it is the most popular among working women. In this show, Max Mara totally show you how to wear different style at the day, that you can wear it to the work and you can date at night to show the charming side. Therefore, Max Mara showed the existing elegant tailoring on this season. In addition to the wild models of basic dresses, there are also sexy elements with hidden ingenuity.


Outfit : The ultimate black leather jacket.

There’s nothing like a leather jacket to get you in the cool style. And there are SO many ways to wear it. You can commit to the edgy theme and go with an all-black ensemble, keep it low-key with jeans, dress it up with skirts or, well, a literal dress. 


10 tips for being your way of a Parisian.

Paris, The City of Light is known as the fashion capital, the home of couture and in general, all things charming. Have you always relished the idea of living in Paris? Then, you’ll want to dive in deeper into all aspects of the iconic Parisian state of mind. If you also feel like Parisians are always elegant and in style, you’re not mistaken. If you’re captivated by their fashion sense, their chic manners and effortless sophistication, just keep on reading.


[ Local Market ] Marché Bastille in Paris.

When you come to Paris, where is the first place that you will go visit first? You probably will go to visit some famous attractions, such as Louvre, Notre Dame and Eiffel tower etc. And where is the first choose that you will go to shopping? I guess you will choose Lafayette or Printemps; however, my first choose will be the local market that is the easy way to experience local characteristic and lifestyle. 


Runway- FENDI FW Ready to Wear 2020-21

After Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld was pass away, Chanel was immediately announce that Virginie Viard’s to taken the position as fashion director; however, he also has been a Fendi womenswear designer since 1965, which Fendi has changed the creative director to Silvia Venturini Fendi, following Karl Lagerfeld’s passing.


Outfit : you can’t live without leather

Although spring is coming, still a little bit cold in Paris, which I still need to wear turtle necks. lol. However, I think you can wear leather stuff in any season, except the summer. So you don’t have to put the leather pants / skirt into your wardrobe now.

IMG_9456 2

The 365 Challenge booklet – I can dressing well without any new clothes.

Speaking to fashion, what will pop into your head first? You probably will think about clothes, runway, magazine etc. But do you know fashion is the second largest polluting industry in the world?  The problem is not the desire that you want to buy a clothe, but the rapid waste. Why I said fashion is the rapid waste? Before I answer it, I wanna ask you a question, which is how many times that you wear your same clothe? or how many clothes that you just wear it one time? I believe every girl have answers in their mind, once she clean-out her wardrobe.