Outfit : Summer is coming.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of summer, but I have to accept the fact that the summer is coming. Sometimes, summer outfits need to be straightforward and simple to assemble, with just a flourish of a key accessory or subtle injection of a new styling move.


[ Restaurant ] Local food – Quán Khuya in Ho Chi Minh

I will know this restaurant is because a local friend took us to have lunch in here. When I went to other country, I always excited that I can try their local food. As you may know the most famous local food in Vietnam is PHO, but there are so many different local food in Vietnam, which if you have chance to visit Ho Chi Minh, I recommend you to try this local food in Quán Khuya. Quán Khuya is a restaurant where the local people love it, that so many people will come to here for having dinner with their friend.


How to dress for the Pear shaped body? – simple tips

Do you have narrow shoulders with flat stomach and a defined waist but also have curvy hips and bottom so you must buy a larger size for that part of your body? You are a Triangle, also named “pear shaped body”

Finding clothes that will flatter your pear-shaped body is simple once you know what shapes and styles to look for and which ones to avoid.


Outfit : Lovely skirt.

If you have read my article before, then you may know I have some lovely skirt and this skirt is also one of my favorite. As you can see this skirt have special design that you can show you’re leg. You probably won’t believe this skirt is I bought it from 7 years ago, for it still fashionable.


How to wear Wide Leg Pants

15 years later, the ’70s trend is back—except the modern iteration of wide-leg denim isn’t so much bell-bottom as it is a roomy, subtle flare. Still, after The Era of Skinny Jeans that lasted eons, it’s not always easy to put together an wide-leg jean outfit without feeling, but still have some ways.


[ Attraction ] other attraction that you can visit in Athens.

In Athens, you can walk around and discover the life of the ancient Athenians or get away from the busy center of Athens and relax in one of the many benches that can be found. A morning stroll around the olive trees and the daphnes is essential. This archaeological site is always inviting us to enjoy it under the warm Greek sun.


[ Brand ] Jacquemus – Do you know it?

There is a unique mix of confidence and wonderment that comes with this kind of early success—when you can feel at once destined for greatness and frankly stunned that you are getting anywhere at all. “I knew it would happen—I knew it was my life,” Jacquemus says, reflecting quietly on the trajectory of his last few years. “But at the same time, I still have so many things to tell, so many obsessions and stories! It’s the beginning for me.” Jacquemus definitely is another successful person who I want to learn in fashion world, except Anna Wintor is my first person who I wanna be.

IMG_2621 2

[ Restaurant ] Ombré in Taipei

I used to don’t know that there is a restaurant of Europe style in Taipei, until this time I went to the Daan district near the MRT Daan station with my friend. Actually we was planed to another dessert shop, unfortunately it was not opened that day, which we searched other restaurants where is near here. However, my friend told me this ombré restaurant is pretty good if you want, we can have a lunch in Ombré.


Do you have best Pastel Pieces to Wear This Spring

If you have read my lookbook’s article, then you probably know, I’m usually in black, white and gray, but when spring rolls around, I gravitate towards some lovely color. Such like red, green, blue and yellow, etc, which I wanna try different color to have lovely spring.