Outfit : stripes is never be old-fashion

Striped outfits is definitely one of those style pieces that everyone own as it looks stunning in both casual as well as formal style, which I bet there must be a striped long shirt in your closet. And I think you might know the striped shirt is always classic in french women’s mind. Of course, like any piece, it’s really all about how you style it.


The reason why I create the MsAmanda 0 to 1 blog.

The reason why this blog was created is that my team leader gave me advice, which he let me start recording from nothing in my way of investment and financial management and I also hope that this blog can give some directions to people who is in their 20s just like me, so that we can learn how to investment and financial management, even we’re not a person with financial background.


5 tips that you should know when you wearing all-black style.

Wearing an all-black outfit will never go out of style, and if you’re the kind of girl who likes to wear black all the time, then you’re probably looking for ways to make your outfit seem more interesting. Without any further explanation, let me guide you through the little things that will make your all-black outfit look so interesting, sexy, and not any less mysterious.


Outfit : Never get tired with all black

If you don’t know how to wear your outfit today, the all-black style is definitely a good choice for you. In fact, I really like the all-black style, for it can be cool, elegant, and even a little bit sexy, which the all-black style represents that allow you to wear a completely different style. I think you may have read the articles I wore in all black style, some of them are elegant or retro; however, today I want to try a cool style.


5 things to do at home.

During the coronavirus, so many country pronounce that you should work at home, which means you cannot go out in this timing. I hope you guys all still doing well amid all the craziness surrounding COVID-19. 


Outfit : casual style with leather jacket

As I wrote before, there’s nothing like a leather jacket to get you in the cool style, even you match it in casual style. Today I want this outfit to be casual and a little bit cool, which that is the reason why I draped the leather jacket over my shoulders.