5 classical types of coats for women.

5 classical types of coats

There are four seasons in a years. I think everyone has their favorite season; however, if you ask me, which season is my favorite? My answers definitely is ”Winter” and I believe some of you guys who just like it as I did. One of reason that I like winter is I am a person who love to wearing coat. To be honest, the style of going out in the winter, I think the coat is the most important item to support your outfit; therefore, coat is definitely a must-have item! 

Every time I saw the picture when the top models wearing coat and walking on the street, it is really fascinating to me. So sometimes I want to imitate their outfits. However, I’m not a top model, I’m not as tall as they are and I don’t have a perfect angel body, which means, for the person who are more petite than top model, that it need to takes some skills for interpret the coats as more fashionable and powerful on them.


一年有四個季節。 我想每個人都有自己喜歡的季節!如果您問我:我最喜歡哪個季節呢? 我的答案絕對是“冬天”(我相信有人一定也像我一樣喜歡它)。 老實說,我喜歡冬天的其中一個原因是因為,我是一個超愛穿大衣的人。 老實說,冬天在外面的穿搭,我認為外套是撐起穿搭,最重要的物品,因此外套絕對是必不可少的物品! ! !

每當我看到超模們穿著大衣走在街上的照片時,這真的很容易看到入迷。 因此,我常常想效仿他們。 但我不是超模,我不像他們那麼高,而且我也沒有完美的天使身材!也就是說,對於比他們身材嬌小的人來說,需要一些詮釋大衣的技巧,使大衣穿起來更加時尚和有力。

Everytime when I choosing a coat, the ”material” is the most important point and then, the second point is ”type”. There are many types of coats, such as H-shaped coat, A-shaped coat, O-shaped coat, X-shaped coat, sash tie coat, cloak coat. etc

So I gonna introduce these type for you.

我認為在挑大衣時,除了最重要的「質料」外,「版型」是我第二個挑選的重點!大衣有很多款版型:H 型大衣、A型大衣、O型大衣(繭型大衣)、X型大衣、繫帶大衣、斗篷等等。


H-shaped coats

The H-shaped coat is the style that I pick most often, which is the straight version. Why do I like the H type best?  It biggest characteristics are the clear shoulder lines, the smooth lines, simple and powerful style. No matter what kind body shape, it can makes you looking like thin, tall, which means super versatile!

One thing you have to remember when you choose an H-shaped coat, which is you need to find the one that is fitting on you. If it is too small, then the arms and shoulders will be very uncomfortable; if it is too large, it will show your shoulder to width.

There are second points to tell you. The H-type coat can not wear too thick sweaters inside. If you wear it, it will make you swollen, and not gonna see the thin effect!


為什麼我會最喜歡H型呢?因為他最大的特點是:肩線清晰、線條流暢、款式很簡潔有力,所以不管什麼身形都能駕馭又顯瘦、超百搭!不過在挑選H型大衣時,大家記得要挑「合身」的款式,若太小件,手臂、肩膀的地方會很勒,不舒服 ; 而太大件則顯肩寬



H-shaped coat

Key points: smooth lines and very simple

How to wear it:  Inside, do not wear too complicated, just keep it simple! Like Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner did, they use T-shirt and jeans to keep it easily and classical.

Features: straight up and down, into a cylindrical shape of the letter “H”.



如何穿搭:裡頭別穿得太複雜,以簡單為主!像 Karlie Kloss 、Kendall Jenner 都利用T- shirt + 牛仔褲,輕鬆襯托出整個人的氣勢


A-shaped coat

The effect of A-type coat is just like the A-line pants, which the entire coat is A-shaped, so it is also easy to wearing and matching your outfit! If you are a pear-shaped girl like me, then this A-shaped coat is very suit for us.

If you don’t know what your body shaped is, you can read this article: Do you know what kind of your body shaped is? 

An A-line coat is a coat that is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A. Therefore, it’s very decorative to our body.

A型大衣就猶如A字褲一般,不收腰,整件大衣呈現A字款,所以也很好駕馭!如果你跟我一樣是 梨型身材,胖在大腿的女孩,這件不收腰、不收臀型的設計,就很修飾我們的腿型!

A-shaped coat

Key points: the A-shaped coat’s hem is wider than the upper side, so it can improve the waistline visually, so it is also suitable for little girls!

How to wear it:  Do not wear too complicated, just keep it simple as A-line coat skill did. A-type coat can be matched with pants or skirts, it is very suitable, depending on what kind of style you want to wear.

Features: Top narrow bottom wide





X-shaped coats

Compared with other styles of coat, the X-shaped coat is more designed for women, which is more elegant and classical.

The waist has the effect of accentuating the waist. The loose style of bottom can not only outline the waistline, but also cover the problems of annoying belly, hips, and thick thighs, so that the entire body curve can be more perfectly modified and improve the body shape. However, Some hem designs using skirts to make every women to be more femininity and elegant.



X-shaped coat

Speaking of X-type coats, I immediately thinking about ”Princess Kate”. All I can say is that Princess Kate is the elegant representative!

Key points: The X-shaped coat and the A-shaped coat have some acquaintances. In addition to the hem that is wider than the upper side, the X lined coat has a waist design and a bottom skirt design!

How to wear it: The X-type coat is the most suitable for feminine wear, which you wearing skirt and high heel, or the over-the-knee boots to match it.

Features: Shoulder width, large hem, and obvious waist.



重點:X 形大衣與A形大衣,有些相識,除了下擺比上身寬外,他有做收腰的設計和底下裙擺的設計喔!

如何穿搭:X型大衣是最適合充滿女人味的穿搭,可以”裙裝 + 跟鞋”,或是有氣勢的過膝靴都很 okay



O-shaped coats

The O-shaped coat does not reflect the shape of the figure, but usually gives a softer and cuteier feeling. It entire shape is a bit like a cocoon, so it is also called a “cocoon coat”. Also it has an oversize style.

O型大衣是沒有反映出身材特徵的外型,而通常會給人較柔和、可愛的感覺他整個形狀有點像蠶繭,所以又稱「繭型大衣」,也有 oversize 的感覺 !

O-shaped coat

Relative to the H-type neatness, the O-type is more lazy, which the style can choose lapels that the laziness style have a little bit spirit. Also the O-shaped is wide and big, which means it is easier to hide saddlebags.

Key points: the outline of the shoulders is blurred, resulting in no shoulder line; therefore, people who have big shoulders can support it. If you are the person who have smaller skeleton, I will suggest you to not wear O-shaped coat. If you wear it, you will appear listless. For, its oval shape, the center of gravity is slightly lower, so the little girls are not suitable!

How to wear it:Inside you can wear wool sweater, and simple jeans to match it.

Features: Waist and hips are smoother


相對H型的俐落,O型較慵懶的感覺,所以款式可以選擇翻領的,讓慵懶中又帶點俐落風(不過也因為他寬寬大大的,更容易藏匿大腿肉啊 xdd)


肩頭的輪廓被模糊了,導致沒有肩線,,所以要有肩膀的人才能撐起他,穿出氣勢,如果骨架較小人就反被大衣給吃掉了,甚至會顯得無精打采! 且因是橢圓形,重心略低,所以小隻女孩比較不適合喔!




cloak coat

To be honest, I don’t really like the cloak coat. Besides its uncontrollable, the biggest sign of it is ”no sleeves or wide sleeves”, which means it ’s really inconvenient to have a backpack. You only can take handbag.

斗篷大衣老實說,我不是很愛,除了他難駕馭外,它最大的標誌是:沒有袖子 / 寬大的袖子。所以要背包包真的超不方便只能用手提的方式拿包包啊….

When it comes to cloak coats, my first impression was from the Korean drama 2010 ”Secret Garden.” Ha Ji-Won, who plays the heroine, she has used the cloak coats many times to create her contrasting personality that is an iron fist in a velvet glove. At that time, the secret garden was loved by so many audience, causing so many people wearing the cloak coat in Asia.


Cloak coat

Key points: 

How to wear it:The cloakThe bottom of cloak coat has a loose hem, which means you have to matching the lighter bottom is better, so that you will not looking like too bloated. coat is more suitable for matching skirts than jeans. 








Above is my sharing. Next article I will share what kind of coat you are suitable for.

Next article : To know what kind of coat suit for your body shape. 


下一篇文章(找出適合你的大衣吧) : To know what kind of coat suit for your body shape. 


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