5 Outfit Mistakes I Promised Myself Not to Make Again

mistake on outfit.

No matter what kind of mistake, I believe anybody would make mistakes in their life, for no one is perfect, which I used to made lots of mistake on my

I frequently catch myself running into the same few sartorial issues and I’m pretty darn sure I’m not alone in making them, which I am going to tell you what kind of common outfit mistakes that I made before and you can read it that ask yourself ”Are you also make those mistakes?”



1. wearing the wrong size.

I think this mistake that every girl made it before. I believe you have an experience when you shopping, that you find a piece of stuff that you really like it and want it, unfortunately that your size is sold out, then you still buy the bigger one or smaller one that compared your size to wear it. Because your desire telling you to buy it, even that size is not suit for you.


我認為每個女孩都犯過這個錯誤。 我相信你在購物時一定有這種經驗,你找到了自己很喜歡並想要的一件東西,不幸的是你的尺碼已售罄,你仍然買了比較大或較小的尺碼來比穿。 因為你的慾望告訴你一定要購買它,就算沒有你的尺寸。

There are a benefit that probably can inspire you, which is if you want to wear the clothes or the pants are only small size, it will push you to lose your weight to wearing it. Like Karl Lagerfeld did that he tried his best to lose 40 kilograms weight, to be able to put on Dior Homm’s clothes that made by Hedi Slimane.

有一個好處可能會激勵你,就是如果你想穿衣服或褲子太小,可能會促使你減肥以便穿下他。 像卡爾·拉格斐(Karl Lagerfeld)一樣,他盡力減輕40公斤的體重,以便穿上Hedi Slimane製造的Dior Homm的衣服。

2. Going for Uncomfortable Shoes

Every girl love to see their leg to be long like a super model, that would love to wear high-heels to make them look better on their body proportion. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be wearing heels when I need to wearing it to attend some important meetings, but I’m vowing to prioritize comfortable shoes when I know I’ll be walking a lot that day. Doing this will also help identify the most comfortable shoe trends so my outfit always feels current.

每個女孩都喜歡看到自己的腿像超級模特一樣長,喜歡穿高跟鞋以使她們的身體比例更好。 別誤會,當我需要穿著它來參加一些重要的會議時,我仍然會穿著高跟鞋,但是當我知道那天我會經常走路時,我發誓要優先考慮舒適的鞋子。 這樣做也將有助於確定最舒適的鞋子流行趨勢,因此我的裝束始終感覺很時尚。

3. Choose the wrong jeans.

Do you have a pair of jeans that look great when you put them on but don’t work as well the moment you sit down? Or Do you choose the wrong jeans that doesn’t suit for you? Actually I did the both thing, which those become that the jeans I don’t wear often. I suggest that you have to choose the right style for your body type, also you have to try before you buy it that will reduce times that you buy the wrong jeans for you.

你是否有一條牛仔褲,當您穿上時看起來很棒,但坐下那一刻就無法正常工作? 或是你選擇了不合適你的牛仔褲? 實際上,我都嘗試過了這兩件事,他們後來都成為了我不常穿的牛仔褲。 我建議你必須為自己的體型選擇合適的款式,還必須在購買前嘗試一下,這樣可以減少購買錯誤牛仔褲的次數。

4. Stepping Out in Wrinkly Clothes

This is one of the easiest mistakes to avoid since all it takes is a few extra minutes to steam said wrinkly garments. Especially you wearing the suit, I strongly recommend you that you should steam them before you wearing it. However, there are easy way to avoid it, is to look for fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily.

這是最容易避免的錯誤之一,因為蒸起皺紋的衣服只需要幾分鐘。 特別是你穿著西裝材質的衣服時,強烈建議您在穿衣服之前先蒸一下。 但是,有一種簡單的方法可以避免這種情況,那就是尋找不會輕易起皺的織物。

5. not dressing appropriately for weather

I guess this one is easy to happened on Asia, especially in Taiwan. In the moring, you check the weather is nice before you go out, but it just totally change to a cold day in afternoon. In fact, that is not our fault, because how would I know the weather will totally change to be cold? Therefore, I suggest you have to take a coat or jacket when you go out in Spring or in Autumn, in case the weather change.

我猜這很容易在亞洲發生,尤其是在台灣。 在上午,你出去之前檢查一下天氣是否很好,但是到下午,天氣完全變冷了。 實際上,這不是我們的錯,因為我怎麼知道天氣將完全變冷? 因此,我建議你在春季或秋季外出時都必須穿外套或背心,以防天氣變化。


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