5 tips that you should know when you wearing all-black style.

Wearing an all-black outfit will never go out of style, and if you’re the kind of girl who likes to wear black all the time, then you’re probably looking for ways to make your outfit seem more interesting. Without any further explanation, let me guide you through the little things that will make your all-black outfit look so interesting, sexy, and not any less mysterious.

穿全黑衣服永遠不會過時,如果你是那種一直喜歡穿黑衣服的女孩,那麼你可能正在尋找使自己的衣服看起來更有趣的方法。 在沒有任何進一步解釋的情況下,讓我引導你完成一些小事情,這些小事情將使你的全黑風格看起來如此有趣,性感,並且絲毫不神秘。

1. accessories rule

It’s a very well known piece of information, that accessories can turn any dull outfit into a very interesting one. Actually I think it’s not only for all-black style, no matter what kind of style you wearing it, it’s always useful.

這是一條非常眾所周知的信息,配件可以將任何沉悶的衣服變成一件非常有趣的衣服。 實際上,我認為這不僅適用於全黑風格,無論您佩戴哪種風格,它總是很有用的。

2. different colour bag

Sometimes you don’t have to carry a actual bag to match it, which you also can carry a shopping bag as I did in the photo. lol To be honest, I don’t want to take too many things out when I go out, that I only carry my wallet, phone, keys oh and my lovely red-lipstick. You may have a question to me, which is why should I don’t use a actual bag especially I take 4 things with me. well, according to my personality I just want to keep it simple as possible as all man do. lol Therefore, I will put my keys and lipstick on my pocket and I hold my wallet and mobile phone.

Okay, just but back to the point, all I am saying is you can carry a different color bag or shopping bag to match with your all-black style.

How to wear all black without losing your style.

有時你不必攜帶一個實際的袋子來搭配你的穿搭,也可以像我在照片中那樣攜帶一個購物袋。 大聲笑,老實說我不喜歡在出門時拿出太多東西,只拿錢包、電話、鑰匙和可愛的紅色唇膏。 你可能會問我一個問題,這就是為什麼我不應該使用實際的袋子,尤其是我隨身帶了四樣東西。 好吧,由於我的性格,我只想像男生一樣保持簡單。 因此,我會把鑰匙和口紅放在口袋裡,然後手握著錢包和手機。

Anyway 我要說的是,你可以攜帶其他顏色的袋子或購物袋來搭配你的全黑風格。

3. faux-fur jacket

Added to the outfit a basic camel color faux-fur jacket is a good option. While the difference in colors may not be drastic but it sure made the outfit look more interesting in a subtle way.

Outfit : classy faux fur coat

添加到衣服中的基本駝色人造皮草外套是一個不錯的選擇。 雖然顏色上的差異可能不會很大,但可以肯定的是,它以微妙的方式使衣服看起來更有趣。

4. Pearl

If you’re not really into adding any kind of color to your all-black outfit, then you should try pearl, that may be perfect for you. All-black style embellished with pearls is always classic.

如果你真的不喜歡在全黑衣服上增加任何顏色,那麼你應該嘗試珍珠,這可能是您的理想選擇。 飾有珍珠的全黑風格始終是經典之作。

5. Red lips

I chose to make my all-black outfit look super chic by doing one simple thing, applying red lipstick. Yes, that could be all you need to make your all-black outfit look sexy and interesting. And I think sometimes you can try the red nail polish, that will makes you totally different. In fact, the red nail polish is always my first choice that the time I do the gel nails.

我選擇通過做一件簡單的事情,用紅色唇膏使我的全黑衣服看起來超級時尚。 是的,這可能就是使你的全黑衣服看起來性感和有趣的全部。 而且我認為有時你可以嘗試使用紅色指甲油,這可以使你與眾不同。 實際上,紅色指甲油始終是我做凝膠指甲時的首選。

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