5 tips to find the best jeans for pear shaped body

Pear shaped body

Do you know what kind of your body shape is?

When you know what kind of type that your body are, then you can find some better ways to dressing yourself. However, If you know you’re a pear shaped body, then I guess you probably don’t know how to choose best jeans for your body, which this article may help you to get some good jeans for you.

Before you read this article to find the best jeans for you, you can read ”how to dress for the pear shaped body” first.

How to dress for the Pear shaped body? – simple tips

當您知道自己的身體是哪種類型時(你知道你的身材是屬於什麼類型嗎?),便可以找到一些更好的打扮方法。 但是,如果您知道自己是梨形的身體,那麼我想您可能不知道如何為自己的身體選擇最佳的牛仔褲,這篇文章可能會幫助您為自己找到一些好的牛仔褲。


The pear-shaped figure is the buttocks and thighs are easy to accumulate fat, so you have to pay attention on your strengths and avoid shortcomings in dressing. So now I am going to tell you what you should avoid it.

梨形的身材是臀部和大腿容易積聚脂肪,因此你必須注意自己的長處,並避免敷料上的缺點。 所以現在我要告訴你應該避免的事情。

1. Don't wear the skinny jeans.

For skinny jeans can easily expose the shortcomings of leg shape and obesity, which don’t choose it. However, there are one thing I also wanna tell you, that is you can’t wear the elastic skinny jeans.

Plus. Don’t wear the elastic skinny jeans.

The elastic jeans can only be tailored to people who have perfect legs. If you are a pear shaped figure, then the elastic jeans will be infinitely expanded by your fat legs, which has a prominent anti-effect.

If you really want to wear the skinny jeans, you choose a longer cardigan on top to modify the proportion of the figure or choose a loose or asymmetric top to cover the fattest thighs and buttocks.

對於窄褲來說,很容易暴露出腿型和肥胖的缺點,所以不要選擇窄褲。 但是,我也想告訴你一件事,那就是千萬不要穿彈性緊身牛仔褲。


彈性牛仔褲只能為腿部完美的人量身定做。 如果你是梨形身材,那麼彈性牛仔褲將通過你的胖腿無限擴展,這具有顯著的反作用。


2. High-waist style

Sometimes, I just want to wear skinny jeans to match my booties, which I will choose the high-waist style. High-waist is self-cultivation, and yes! It ’s more important for pear-shaped body. A girl with a pear shape has a waist, but the hip is relatively large, so you should highlight the advantages and cover the shortcomings, which the high-waist jeans will be your best choice.

有時,我會想穿窄褲來搭配我的靴子,所以我會選擇高腰款式。 高腰是修身,是的! 對於梨形的身體更重要。 梨形女孩有腰部,但臀部相對較大,因此,你應該突出優點並彌補缺點,而高腰牛仔褲絕對是你的最佳選擇。

3. straight jeans

Compared with skinny jeans, straight jeans can avoid the exposure of shortcomings of pear shaped body, which you don’t need to worry that the shortcomings of big buttocks are too obvious. The straight jeans can improve the appearance of thick legs and leg bending, and it is also very versatile and has a thin effect.

The straight-cut denim is neatly cut and not procrastinated, and it is generous yet energetic. It is very temperamental with a shirt or T-shirt. Whether it’s commuting or leisure, a pair of straight jeans can get it all done.

與緊身牛仔褲相比,直筒牛仔褲可以避免暴露出梨形身材的缺點,所以你不必擔心大臀部的缺點太明顯。 直筒牛仔褲可以改善雙腿粗壯和腿部彎曲的外觀,而且用途廣泛,而且效果顯瘦。

直筒牛仔布裁剪整齊而不拖延,既大方又充滿活力。 搭配襯衫或T卹很有氣質。 無論是通勤還是休閒,一條直牛仔褲都可以完成。

4. wide leg pants

Wide-leg pants continue to be popular. Everyone said that the pear-shaped body is best for wearing wide pants, for directly cover the fat buttocks. Well this is true, but there are also bad ones! If the thick wide-leg jeans, plus a wide cut, it is easy to highlight the fleshy buttocks, which I recommended to choose a light and elegant material, the drape can effectively modify the lower body curve, cover the flesh.

闊腿褲繼續流行。 大家都說,梨形的身體最適合穿寬褲,直接覆蓋肥臀。 好吧,這是真的,但也有壞事! 如果是厚實的闊腿牛仔褲,再加上寬闊的剪裁,很容易突出臀部的肉感,我建議選擇一種輕巧而優雅的材料,這種懸垂性可以有效地修飾下半身的曲線,遮蓋肉體!

5. keep it simple

People who is a pear-shaped body are slightly fatter in the lower body, so don’t choose jeans with complex styles or bright patterns that it’s easy to attract people ’s attention to it.

The dark color makes you looking more thin on outfit.

However, we all know the principle that the dark color is thin, which you have to remember to choose the dark one instead of the light one when you choosing jeans.




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