5 ways to embrace spring

5 ways to embrace spring

Spring is coming

In western culture, they often put all our energy into creating a fresher, cleaner version of themselves in January after they had a wonderful Christmas. But in Asia, we have Lunar New Year that it’s biggest holiday, which spring is followed by Lunar New Year in Taiwan. From a logical new year perspective, it does make sense, which there is something to be said for the days roll into spring. We start to notice the evening sky is brighter, our mind start to reawaken like a budding Cherry blossoms.

在西方人的文化中,他們在美好的聖誕節過後的一月通常會竭盡全力為自己創建一個更新,更清潔的版本。 但是在亞洲,我們將農曆新年作為最大的假期,然後是台灣的農曆新年。 從合乎邏輯的新的一年的角度來看,這確實是有道理的。 我們開始注意到傍晚的天空更加明亮,我們的心靈開始像發芽的櫻花一樣甦醒。

1. Set Your Seasonal Intention

Intention setting doesn’t have to be reserved for the New Year. In fact, seasonal shifts are the perfect time to set an intention, which you can think about what you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there.

Ask yourself, How do I want to feel this season? Energized? Connected? Creative? Once you’re clear on how you want to feel, take some time to set your intention. From there, you can “plant your seeds” and let the manifesting begin!

In my spring, I set a goal for GMAT, for I want to go study MBA in Columbia, which I have to very focus on it that I have chance to apply school in June.  

新年不一定要保留意向設置。 實際上,季節性變化是設定目標的最佳時機,你可以考慮要實現的目標以及如何實現目標。

問問自己,這個季節我想如何? 精力充沛? 連接的? 有創造力的? 弄清自己的感受後,請花點時間設定你的意圖。 從那裡,你可以“種下你的種子”,並開始顯現!


2. Closet refresh

Spring is the perfect time to pull out all of your old winter clothes and your spring/summer clothes to switch their position on your closet, at the same time you can easily pull out all of your unused clothes and pile them up for donations. It feels so good to give back, while simultaneously cleaning out your home.

Dot forget to clean your life after you clean your closet.

You can delete the people who you never talk to on Facebook. Remember when Facebook was brand new and you had over 1000 friends? I think it’s a best time to clean your social media. This is about stripping back, not consuming more! Get rid of the clutter in your space to get rid of the clutter in your mind.⁠

春天是你換掉舊的冬天衣服和拿出春夏衣服的最佳時機。 同時,你可以輕鬆拿出所有未穿過的衣服,並將它們堆起來進行捐贈。 回饋的感覺真好,同時又打掃了家。


3. Get out more⁠.

Go for a walk in nature. Get amongst the fresh blossoms and buds, listen to the birds chirping, consider a dip in the ocean. Spring is the best time for nature, which they are putting on a show, don’t miss it. Many studies have found that simply getting out into natural environments could be an easy and almost immediate way to improve moods, which I always love to look up at the sky, notice the wind blowing through the trees, listen to birds singing and breathe some fresh air when I have free time. Don’t forget nature is the best theraphy for you to clean your mind.

Are you too busy with work? Pick up your laptop and head to your favorite cafe, park or scenic spot and Work From Wherever for a few hours. ⁠


你工作太忙了嗎拿起您的筆記本電腦,前往您最喜歡的咖啡館,公園或風景名勝區,然後在任何地方工作數小時。 ⁠

4. Take photos of flowers and plants

Spring is your best time to improve on your photography skills and bring your camera along on your nature walk, or head out to the local botanical garden that it starting to bloom. Taking pictures of flowers is really nice because they make the perfect subjects for a portrait. They are beautiful, they don’t move, and you can focus on so many different details.

春天是你提高攝影技巧的最佳時機,甚至將相機帶到大自然中漫步、或者前往開始開花的當地植物園。 為花朵拍照非常好,因為它們是肖像的理想拍攝對象。 它們很漂亮,不會動,所以你可以專注於許多不同的細節。

5. Self-care

Be kind to your body this season, truly embrace your body – beautiful imperfections and all. It’s important to prepare the body for nature’s new beginning. Perhaps that means moving your body through a gentle yoga flow, honoring all that your body does for you.

However, you can start by a healthy meal, which you should head to your local fruit and veg store to find out what’s in season since many more fresh vegetables start coming out. Making a conscious effort to eat more fresh and raw veggies is a lovely way to get a boost of nutrients for your body. More physical activity like walking instead of driving or taking the stairs instead of elevators is a smart way to get fit. Most importantly, get right with your spirit by exploring inner peace through journaling, meditating or treating yourself to a simple pleasure.



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