6 travelling mistakes that you should avoid.

Get an awesome trip.

Some people ask me how did you feel when you travelling alone? I think it’s pretty great, you only need to avoid some mistakes that your trips will be awesome on your memories. Getting ready for your first time travelling can be overwhelming. There’s so much to do and sort out. You don’t want to make mistakes but also have no idea where to start with arranging it all, then you should read this article that it can help you to avoid it.

有人問我一個人旅行時感覺如何? 我認為這很棒,您只需要避免一些錯誤,就可以使您的旅途留下美好的回憶。 為您的第一次旅行做好準備可能會令人不知所措。 有很多事情要做和整理。 您既不想犯錯誤,又不知道從哪裡開始安排所有內容,那麼您應該閱讀這篇文章,它可以幫助您避免出錯。

1. Don't forget to check your ticket.

Don’t miss it.

The first thing that I am preparing my trip, I will order every ticket that I need. Such as plane ticket, train ticket etc. For instance, The first country that I’m going to in Europe is France and the second is Italy, then I will make sure how long I will stay in France and which day I am going to take plane or train to Italy. Therefore, you have to make sure your time on your ticket and don’t miss it, once you’re arrive at there.

我準備旅行的第一件事,就是訂購所需的每張票。 例如飛機票,火車票等。例如,我要去歐洲的第一個國家是法國,第二個是意大利,那麼我將確保我在法國待多久以及要去哪一天 坐飛機或火車去意大利。 因此,到達目的地後,你必須確保自己的時間不要錯過他。

2. Don’t overpay for flights

Check multiple sites before booking.

Before booking anything, make sure to check multiple sites to check you’re getting the best deal. Your starting point for booking flights should be price comparison sites like Wego and Skyscanner. Both allow you to find the cheapest possible flights and you can play around with the dates to find a perfect balance between cost and timing. I use Wego to book my flight ticket every time, for I always can find the cheapest ticket in there.

The site I always use: 

Omio (For in Europe) / Flixbus (For in Europe) / Wego / Ebookers

在預訂任何東西之前,請確保檢查多個網站,以確保您獲得最優惠的價格。 您預訂機票的出發點應該是Wego和Skyscanner等價格比較網站。 兩者都可以讓您找到最便宜的航班,而且您可以四處尋找日期,以在成本和時間之間找到完美的平衡。 我每次都使用Wego預訂我的機票,因為我總是可以在其中找到最便宜的票。

3. Don’t overpay for accommodation

Check multiple sites before booking.

Just like with flights you need to shop around a bit to get the best deal. If you want to make the most of your money, don’t book the first place that looks good. Use comparison websites like to explore your options – they include everything from hostels to luxury accommodation. They also regularly offer accommodation at discounted rates so even if you’re booking for the same day, you may end up paying less if you book online than booking directly. When I travel alone, I will use Agoda to find the cheapest hostel and when I travel with my friend, I will use Airbnb to find the accommodation.

就像搭乘航班一樣,你需要花點時間購物才能獲得最優惠的價格。 如果你想充分利用自己的錢,請不要預訂看上去不錯的第一名。 使用booking.com之類的比較網站來探索你的選擇–它們包括從旅館到豪華住宿的一切。 他們還會定期提供打折的住宿,因此即使您當天預訂,如果你在線預訂,最終支付的費用可能會比直接預訂少。當我獨自旅行時,我將使用Agoda查找最便宜的旅館,而當我與朋友一起旅行時,我將使用Airbnb查找住宿。

3 sites I always use:

4. Don’t pack too much

Just pack what you need.

It sounds obvious, but only pack what you need. If you’re going on a year long, round the world trip your packing list is going to be different to a 2 week holiday. Check the weather in advance and pack appropriately. If you take too much you’re the one who will suffer carrying the extra weight, potentially incurring excess baggage fees with your airline, and not having space to bring souvenirs back. I will write another article about how to dressing up with some items to match different outfits.

聽起來很明顯,但是只會打包你需要的東西。 如果您要旅行一年,則環球旅行的裝箱單將不同於2週的假期。 提前檢查天氣並適當包裝。 如果你負擔過多,那將是你承受超重負擔的人,這可能會給你的航空公司帶來超額行李費,並且沒有足夠的空間帶回紀念品。 我將寫另一篇文章,介紹如何搭配一些物品來搭配不同的服裝。

5. Don't plan too much

Meet a lot of people from all over the world.

Knowing exactly where you’re going to be for your whole trip is important for some people, but you never know what’s going to happen. You’re bound to meet a lot of people from all over the world when you’re travelling, and in doing so can make plenty of friends as well. In my way, I will not make a surely plan of what place I have to go at 10 a.m and which restaurant at 12 p.m. I just take my time to visiting deeply in this city. Probably somehow, you will meet some firend from all over the world and you just decide you’re going to have lunch together.

對於某些人來說,準確知道整個旅程的去向很重要,但是你永遠不會知道會發生什麼。 當您旅行時,一定會遇到來自世界各地的很多人,並且這樣做也可以結交很多朋友。
以我的方式,我不會確切地確定我必須在上午10點去哪個地方以及下午12點在哪家餐廳。 我只是花時間去這座城市深入探訪。 大概會以某種方式,你會遇到來自世界各地的朋友,然後你們就決定要一起吃午飯。

6. Not researching costs

Knowing what you should be paying in advance helps you decide if a destination fits your budget. Some countries will be cheaper than where you’re from, and some more expensive and it’s best to know how much you’ll need for food and tours while you’re there. You wouldn’t want to miss out on one of the main attractions because you underestimated the costs so don’t leave anything to chance. Also, for things like transport from airports to the city, compare your options. If there’s a group of you it may end up being cheaper to split a taxi fare than take the public bus, but sometimes the bus ends up being way cheaper.

提前知道你應該支付的費用,可以幫助你確定目的地是否符合你的預算。 有些國家/地區比你所在的國家便宜,而有些國家/地區則更貴,所以最好知道你在這裡時所需要的食物和旅遊費用。 你不會錯過任何一個主要景點,因為你低估了費用,因此不要錯過任何機會。 另外,對於從機場到城市的交通運輸,請比較您的選擇。 如果有一群人,分擔出租車的費用可能會比乘坐公共巴士便宜,但有時公共汽車最終會便宜得多。

These mistakes are easily avoidable – you just need to find the right balance between planning and flexibility. I hope you have a wonderful travel as well.

這些錯誤很容易避免-你只需要在計劃和靈活性之間找到適當的平衡。 我希望你能有個愉快的旅行。

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