[ Attraction ]Sky Garden From top to see the whole Landon

Sky Garden

The Sky Garden is the best place where you can see the whole city of London.

If I have a chance, I’d like to admire the city from a height whenever I go to other country. Therefore, I don’t want to miss this chance when I visiting London. There are some ways that you can do this, the first choice id you can dining in a fine restaurant and enjoying the beautiful; the second is spend some money to climb the church’s top floor to see the city view. But if your trip is the save money line, which just like me, then you definitely cannot miss it. The Sky Garden can get a 360-degree view to enjoy this beautiful city and all you need to go is register online in advance.

每到其他國家或城市時,如果有機會我最喜歡到高處欣賞來這個城市!既然難得來到倫敦一趟,怎能錯過鳥瞰這美麗的城市呢。想要到高處欣賞美麗的城市,不外乎就是到高級餐廳去用餐,邊欣賞美景 ; 或者花個錢登上教堂的頂樓去環看市景。

但如果你跟我一樣,這次的旅行是走省錢路線,那今天跟大家分享的 Sky Garden 就絕對不要錯過它!Sky Garden 完全不用花上一毛錢,就能免費登35樓360度鳥瞰倫敦景觀,只需要提前上網登記就行了。

Sky garden

Sky Garden website 

After entering their official website, all you need to do is select the date, time and number of people you are going to go. I recommended that you book about one week in advance, because there are so many tourists make a reservation. I originally wanted to book a time between 9 am and 10 pm, but it was all booked. In summer time in Europe, the sun will go down at 9 o’clock around, which you can see different scenes during the day and night. Unfortunately, it was booked out that I couldn’t see the night scene. Next time, I won’t miss it again.

進入官網後,只要選好你要去的日期、時間、人數就可以了。建議各位提早約一星期預訂,因為觀光客真的很多。我原本想要預定的時間是在 9點-10點 的時段,結果都被預定光了



You will receive an E-Mail ,that is an appointment form after booking. You can print it, or not.

預約完隨後就會收到 E-Mail 的信囉!他會寄給你預約單,可印可不印

Sky Garden is located on the top floor of the sixth tallest skyscraper in London, that is on the 20 Fenchurch Street. This building was originally called “walkie talkie” because of its shape.

After arriving, I walked around this building. the main entrance was the entrance of their office building. But, I couldn’t finde the entrance of Sky Garden, I just went to inside that entrance directly. However, a guard just looked at me and asked me ”Are you going to Sky Garden?” I said ”Yes” without thinking. And then he just told me the Sky Garden’s entrance is on the behind. Thank God, I didn’t do anything stupid things in the office building entrance. I guess he knew I am a tourist, for I didn’t wear like a officer who work in there. lol

Sky Garden 位在倫敦市第六高的摩天大樓「20 Fenchurch Street」的頂樓,這棟大樓當初因為造型的關係,更被稱為「對講機 Walkie Talkie」


警衛就問我說:Are you going to Sky Garden? 


警衛就告訴我說:Sky Graden 的入口在後面喔!

Finally, I find their entrance successfully.


At the entrance, you need to take out your appointment form. Can be printed or not printed. At that time, I scanned it directly with my mobile phone display, which you just can find a way to let the staff scan it.



After scanning, you can go upstairs immediately after passing the security check and bag scanning by the X-ray scanner!

掃瞄完,隨後過安檢、包包經 X 光掃瞄機就可以立即搭電梯上樓囉!

After reaching the 35th floor, just turn right when you go out of the elevator and then you will see the amazing view.


There is an open bar with drinks, simple pastries


You can order some drinks and desserts to take a rest a little bit.


I think will be a best experience in London that you can chill out with your friends.


There are stairs to the left and right of the bar that have many plants along the stairs


As soon as you get to the scenic spot, you see the amazing scener, the city of London. It can be seen in most of the well-known attractions, such as the tallest building in London, the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, etc.


在這大部分的知名景點都能看見,像是:倫敦市最高的建築 Shard 碎片塔、倫敦塔橋、倫敦眼、聖保羅大教堂等等…

In here, I just can’t stop to take a photo of it. lol

My pictures can’t do enough justice how wonderful the place is in reality. Sky Garden is definitely worth a visit as you can get a fantastic view over London for free plus it’s a very relaxed environment up there with lots of seats and cosy spots.




*Telephone :  +44 20 7337 2344 

*Address : 20 Fenchurch St, Bridge, London

*Hours : Mon-Fri 10am-6pm;

                Sat, Sun 11am-9pm

*Ticket : Free 

*Need to do reservation 

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