[ Attraction ]Beitou Hot Spring Foot-Soaking Pools in Taiwan near Taipei

Do you love hot spring?

Few cities can boast such a natural abundance of world-class, volcanically activated hot water springs on their doorstep as the Taiwanese capital. And thanks to Taipei’s ever-improving public transport system, heading out for a quick soak in perfect 60-degree-Celsius waters.

The area around Beitou, supplied naturally by the geothermal energy of neighbouring Yang Ming Shan, that the still active volcano, itself a National Park. However, if you don’t want to get a hot spring for whole body, but you still want to try the hot spring, then you can Hot spring of foot soaking pool.

很少有城市能像台灣首都一樣擁有如此天然的世界一流的,被火山激活的溫泉。 還要感謝台北不斷完善的公共交通系統,趕快在60攝氏度的完美水域中快速浸泡。

北投周圍的地區由鄰近的陽明山的地熱自然提供,那仍然活躍的火山本身就是國家公園。 但是,如果你不想要全身泡湯,但仍然想嘗試一下溫泉,那麼你可以嘗試泡溫泉的腳池。

Sulfur springs valley feet pool

In here, you can lots of Taiwanese come here to get a hot spring foot soaking, which is said to be able to ease pains and is good for stimulating blood circulation. As you can see, every people who just finish it that their leg become red. As a Taiwanese, my mom love to come here for take a rest and to ease her leg.



You should take the notices.

1. Before entering the pool, please wash your feet and do not take a shower.

2. Under 12 years old and older need to be accompanied by their families

3. Barbecuing, eating and drinking (except water), smoking, chewing betel nut, running and playing, noise, rubbing feet, bringing out hot spring water and any sales activities are strictly prohibited in the park.

4. Pets are not allowed in the park (except for blind guides)

5. Patients with chronic diseases such as heart disease, lung disease, hypertension, diabetes and other circulatory system, before enter the pool, should according to the instructions of the physician.

6. Women who is pregnant or in period shouldn’t enter the pool.

7. People with skin diseases, or people who’s wounds isn’t heal, also the drinkers are forbidden to enter the pool.

8. If you don’t feel well, then you should take a short rest.

9. Do not exceed 15 minutes for every time. It is suggest that you should take a rest in every 15 minutes.

10. It is forbidden to walk and play in the pool to avoid slipping

11. In order to maintain the quality of your health and environmental hygiene, please cooperate with the advice of the administrator


1. 入池前,請清洗雙腳並禁止淋浴

2. 12歲以下及年長者需有家人陪同

3. 園區內嚴禁烤肉、飲食(喝水除外),抽菸、咀嚼檳榔、奔跑嬉戲、喧嘩、搓腳、攜出溫泉水及任何銷售行為

4. 禁止攜帶寵物入園(導盲選除外)

5. 患有心臟病、肺病、高血壓、糖尿病及其他循環系統藏愛等慢性病疾病者應依照醫師指示入池

6. 婦女於懷孕初期、末期或生理期間,不宜入池

7. 患有皮膚病、傷手未癒合者及飲酒者,禁止入池

8. 身體不適者,宜稍作休息,體力恢復後再入池

9. 單次泡腳不宜超過15分鐘,建議每隔15分鐘離開水池稍作休息

10. 池中禁止走動與嬉戲,以免滑倒

11. 為維護你的健康及環境衛生品質,請配合管理員之勸導

wash you foot in here.




Hot Spring Foot-Soaking Pools

Those in Quanyuan Park and Fuxing Park are “green sulfur” pools, known for the delicate, jade-green colour of their water, and said to be effective in treating chronic skin diseases, relieving aches in the muscles, and promoting the metabolism. The foot-soaking pool in Sulfur Valley is also known as the “milky spring” for its white colour, and is said to be able to ease pains, and also to be quite helpful for arthritis and nerve pain.

And this one is Sulfur springs valley feet pool.

北投有3個免費的泡腳池。 泉源公園和復興公園的那些都是“綠色硫磺”水池,以其淡淡的翠綠色而著稱,據說可以有效治療慢性皮膚病,緩解肌肉酸痛和促進新陳代謝。 硫磺谷的泡腳池也因其白色而被稱為“乳泉”,據說可以緩解疼痛,對關節炎和神經痛也有很大幫助。 


*Telephone :  +886 979-185-878

*Address : Quanyuan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112

*Hours : Tuesday – Sunday 8:00 a.m – 12:00 p.m / 13:00 p.m – 18:00 p.m
                Monday close


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