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3 Ways to wear a scarf.

As you may know I’m a biggest accessorizer, although I keep my outfits simple and on the minimal side, I always follow the rule of accessory, which I love to using accessories to make some details on my dressing. However, today I am going to share some tips of how to using the scarf as an accessory with you.

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The 365 Challenge booklet – I can dressing well without any new clothes.

Speaking to fashion, what will pop into your head first? You probably will think about clothes, runway, magazine etc. But do you know fashion is the second largest polluting industry in the world?  The problem is not the desire that you want to buy a clothe, but the rapid waste. Why I said fashion is the rapid waste? Before I answer it, I wanna ask you a question, which is how many times that you wear your same clothe? or how many clothes that you just wear it one time? I believe every girl have answers in their mind, once she clean-out her wardrobe.


The secret of choosing a coat material

“Material” is the most important point when I choose the coat, which it will affect the texture, shape and the warmth of the coat.

As long as you choose the great material, you can be warm in winter, even you only within a thin shirt. Also you won’t feel heavy when you wearing it. In the other hand, if you chose the bad one, it won’t have good looking, even the stereotype is nice.


5 classical types of coats for women.

There are four seasons in a years. I think everyone has their favorite season; however, if you ask me, which season is my favorite? My answers definitely is ”Winter” and I believe some of you guys who just like it as I did. One of reason that I like winter is I am a person who love to wearing coat. To be honest, the style of going out in the winter, I think the coat is the most important item to support your outfit. So the coat is definitely a must-have item! ! !