[ Restaurant ] Naked in Taipei

[ Restaurant ] Naked Bistro in Taipei

“Naked Bistro” is an extension of the concept of “Naked Market”. After re-decorating in 2020, the owner decided to join a team of chefs from “Raw” and ”Roubuchon” to reopening, which the Raw is a restaurant that get 2 stars of Michelin in Taipei and the Roubuchon is the first one that get the 1 star of Michelin in Taipei, those both are fantastic restaurant in Taipei.

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[ Restaurant ] Ombré in Taipei

I used to don’t know that there is a restaurant of Europe style in Taipei, until this time I went to the Daan district near the MRT Daan station with my friend. Actually we was planed to another dessert shop, unfortunately it was not opened that day, which we searched other restaurants where is near here. However, my friend told me this ombré restaurant is pretty good if you want, we can have a lunch in Ombré.


[ Café ] Coffee Essential in Taipei

Considering the city’s well-known love affair with tea, visitors to Taipei might assume that a good coffee shop would be hard to come by. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Taiwan is enjoying a passionate love affair with the coffee bean, and you can now buy a cup of coffee in any convenience store.

To be honestly, I think Taipei has also become a paradise for coffee lovers as just one drink order will usually grant you access to a cozy spot in a café for the entire day. Like me, I actually spend a lots of time in the café.