[ Café ]Mini Plant Pavilion PH in Seoul, Korea

Recently I found a cafe is very special in Seoul, Korea that I really want to visit there. This cafe is in Suseo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul which is a little far away from the place where I lived in Seoul. To be honest, i was keep thinking did I have to go there to see since I know ”Plant Pavilion PH cafe” is a little bit far. But when I arrived at the cafe I knew I didn’t make a wrong choice immediately. Once you step into the cafe, you can find out the room is very spacious and has lots of plants which you can spend your entirely afternoon with your friend in there. Oh! Also there have a small art museum in three floor.


[ Attraction ] 2 places that you can see The Best Sunset in Santorini, Greece.

If you say the sunrise is when you wake and are ready to enjoy the beautiful day , sunset is so very beautiful especially in a romantic setting, love the colors of them too, not one is ever the same either. So why am I love sunset? Except for the romantic setting, I really love to enjoy it after work. The biggest reason that I love sunset is sometimes I will cleaning my mind after the busy day off and sitting the bench of park to enjoy the moment as well as watching the sunset.