EPIC Steak

EPIC Steak

Located on the edge of the Embarcadero Bay in San Francisco, the EPIC Steak House which is an existence that cannot be ignored, when we come to visiting, is a unique addition to San Francisco’s culinary landscape. If you chose to seat indoor, you still have the beautiful scenery of the Bay Bridge and the inner bay of San Francisco closely through the ceiling windows, which you can enjoy it just like when you sitting in outdoor, and won’t feel cold.


6 travelling mistakes that you should avoid.

Some people ask me how did you feel when you travelling alone? I think it’s pretty great, you only need to avoid some mistakes that your trips will be awesome on your memories. Getting ready for your first time travelling can be overwhelming. There’s so much to do and sort out. You don’t want to make mistakes but also have no idea where to start with arranging it all, then you should read this article that it can help you to avoid it.


[ Café ]Starbucks reserve roastery in Seattle

Their literature says that it was “the call of the siren” that asked them to build it. I’m certain that is true and of course their absolute passion for coffee. Why? Because you can see it’s absolutely dazzles when you walking in the store. Copper, bronze, glass everything new and sparkly and of course the wonderful aroma. A 15,000 square foot shrine to coffee. The building itself is art deco and beautiful. Formerly, it was the Packard building and is located on what was Seattle’s auto row in the 1940’s. The renovation took two years and has been restored to its original elegance.


[ Local Market ]Pike place market in Seattle

An iconic destination opened in 1907; this Seattle market is one of the United State’s oldest continuously operating farmer’s markets. Nevertheless, today it is much more than just a farmer’s market. It’s an impressive pillar of the community, a top tourist attraction, a place for locals to shop for fresh meats, fish and produce, and a home to over 300 low-income families. Pike Place Market a lively destination that attracts over 10 million visitors annually.