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Silvia Venturini Fendi

Before, the Fendi’s show gonna begin, she said “I don’t think I’m a clone of Karl Lagerfeld, and I will write my own story,”. Therefore, after the FW 2020-21 Ready to Wear show of Fendi, I want to know more about this designer that the granddaughter of the company’s founders.

Runway- FENDI FW Ready to Wear 2020-21


之前,在 Fendi 的秀開始前,她說:“我不認為我是卡爾·拉格斐(Karl Lagerfeld)的克隆人,而且我會寫我自己的故事。” 因此,在 Fendi 的2020-21秋冬成衣秀之後,我想進一步了解這位設計師,而他也是該品牌創始人的孫女。

Silvia Venturini Fendi is the daughter of Anna Fendi, one of the five famous Fendi sisters — Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla and Alda — who worked at the business their parents Adele and Edoardo Fendi founded, primarily as a fur and leather boutique, in Rome in 1925.

Silvia was born into the fashion empire in 1961, and her mother worked in the studio, fitting models with the label’s latest designs, right up until the latter stages of her pregnancy. In 1965, the Fendi sisters hired Lagerfeld as creative director, setting in motion a partnership that would endure for decades.
As a child, Silvia was never far away from the creative core of the business. Even when she still in school, she became adamant that she was ready to leave education and join the Fendi workforce.

The first formal job of her is she launched the Fendissime, the company’s secondary label, which you can see how ambition she is in fashion industry. However, in 1992, her mother and Lagerfeld asked her to officially join them in the main creative studio.

Silvia Venturini Fendi是Anna Fendi的女兒,Paola,Anna,Franca,Carla和Alda,他們曾在其父母Adele和Edoardo Fendi創立的企業中工作,主要是從事皮草和皮革精品店,於1925年在羅馬舉行。

Silvia 於1961年出生,她的母親在工作室工作,一直為該品牌的設計最新款式,直到懷孕後期。 1965年,Fendi 姐妹聘請 Lagerfeld 為創意總監,盡而展開了長達數十年的合作夥伴關係。小時候,Silvia 從來沒有脫離過企業的創造核心。甚至在她還在上學的時候,她就堅定地準備離開教育並加入 Fendi 的工作隊伍。

她的第一個正式工作是推出了Fendissime,是公司的第二個標籤,你可以從這裡看到她對時裝的野心。然而,在1992年,她的母親 Lagerfeld 要求她正式加入他們主要的創意工作室。

Big step.

The definitive moment of her is she created the ”bagutte” bag, a small, oblong shoulder bag that was instant hit in 1997.


Silvia Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld.

Silvia Fendi met Karl Lagerfeld for the first time as a very young girl, while visiting the fashion studio with her mother. By 2016, they’d developed a close professional bond and the respect seemingly mutual.

Silvia Fendi 與 Karl Lagerfeld 第一次見面時,還是一個很小的女孩,當時她和母親一起訪問時裝工作室。 直到2016年,他們之間建立了密切的專業連結,並且相互尊重。
As a creative director of Fendi.

After Karl Lagerfeld was pass away, Fendi has announced that Silvia Venturini Fendi to taken the position as creative director.

On 31 May, 2019 Fendi show its men’s and women’s collections together on the runway to honor Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy, for the first time in Shanghai’s Powerlong Museum.

Karl Lagerfeld 去世後,Fendi 宣布 Silvia Fendi 擔任創意總監一職。

2019年5月31日,Fendi 首次在上海寶龍博物館(Powerlong Museum)上亮相其男裝和女裝系列,以紀念Karl Lagerfeld。

She said this Autumn/Winter 2019 is very special for her which Lagerfeld had been Creative Director of Fendi for 54 years and this show, that he was no longer with me when it was published. From tomorrow on, the any new series will be different forever in the future, which only remain my opinions. This show is a key of differentiator, which means that those we are working on together will the end.

她說,Lagerfeld擔任 Fendi 創意總監已經有54年之久,而這次時裝秀對她來說,這個2019年秋冬系列對她來說是非常特別的,因為當他發表時,他已經不在我身邊了。 從明天開始,任何新系列都將在未來永遠改變,只有我的觀點。 這場秀是與眾不同的關鍵,這意味著我們共同努力的目標將最終終結。

Lagerfeld was famous for hating any overemphasis of the past, constantly looking forward and never back. His token phrase after each fashion show was, “and now the next.” So those stepping up to forge a path without him can at least feel free to move on, in that regard.

For Silvia Fendi, this means a new beginning without forgetting what came before. “Of course, today we have to turn the page,” she said. “But, and this is probably something very Roman, to write the future you have to be able to read the past.”

Lagerfeld 因討厭過去的過分強調而聞名,不斷向前展望,永不退縮。 在每次時裝秀之後,他的標誌性短語是“現在是下一場”。 因此,在這方面,那些走上一條沒有他的道路的人可以隨意前進。

對於 Silvia Fendi 來說,這意味著一個新的起點,而不會忘記之前的經歷。 她說:“當然,今天我們必須翻頁。但是,這是很古羅馬的東西,要寫未來的同時,你必須能夠閱讀過去。”

This show of Fendi Fall/Winter Ready to Wear 2020-21, I really love it, as you can see in this article. Every important details you can very easy to catch it.  So I really look forward her design on the next show. 

Runway- FENDI FW Ready to Wear 2020-21

正如你可以在這篇文章中所看到的,本次 Fendi 2020-21秋冬成衣秀,我真的很喜歡。 你可以很容易地抓住每個重要的細節。因此,我非常期待下一場演出的她的設計。


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