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During the coronavirus, so many country pronounce that you should work at home, which means you cannot go out in this timing. I hope you guys all still doing well amid all the craziness surrounding COVID-19. 

I am a person that I’m pretty used to staying home, for I am preparing the examination of IELTS and GMAT, which I am want to apply the school of Paris and also writing two blog. lol but I know a lot of you guys are majorly struggling with not being able to go out. Being a homebody, I thought I’d share some fun things for you all to try during the quarantine! There’s something for everyone, but with all the time we have on our hands, why not step out of your comfort zone and try something new?

在冠狀病毒感染期間,有很多國家宣告您應該在家工作,這意味著你不能在這個時間外出。 我希望大家在圍繞COVID-19的瘋狂中仍然表現良好。

我是一個非常習慣待在家裡的人,因為我正在準備雅思考試和GMAT考試,我想申請巴黎學校的課程,並且還寫了兩個博客。 大聲笑,但我知道你們中的很多人都為無法出門而苦苦掙扎。 作為居家者,我想我會在隔離期間為大家分享一些有趣的東西! 每個人都有東西,但是在我們所有的時間裡,為什麼不走出舒適區並嘗試一些新東西?

1. Read those books that you haven't read yet.

Have you bought lots of books that you want to read, but you didn’t read yet? I think it’s a good chance that you have time to read it during the quarantine. 

According to the Bill Gates who is one of the most famous figures in the business world, that he expressed ”Each book opens up new avenues of knowledge to explore.” I believe that you know who is Bill Gate. He is one of the richest men in the world, a philanthropist, an investor, and the co-founder of Microsoft, which became the world’s largest software company for personal computers. 

One of the richest man in the world that he did’t stop reading, which I guess this is definitely a good timing that you should take this opportunity to start the habit of reading. I didn’t mean that if you start reading, you can being rich as Bill Gate is, but it’s definitely a big step for your good habit.

10 reason to tell you why you should read

你是否買了很多想讀書的書,但還沒看? 我認為你在這段不能輕易出門的時間,是個很好的機會閱讀它。

根據比爾·蓋茨(Bill Gates)的說法,他是“商業世界上最著名的人物”之一,他說:“每本書都為探索知識提供了新途徑。”我相信你知道誰是比爾·蓋茨。 他是世界上最富有的人之一,是慈善家,投資人,也是微軟的聯合創始人,微軟成為世界上最大的個人計算機軟件公司。

他是不停止閱讀的世界首富之一,我想這絕對是一個很好的時機,你應該藉此機會養成閱讀的習慣,而去學習成功的人的習慣。 我並不是說,如果您開始閱讀,就能像比爾·蓋茨一樣變得富有,但這絕對是養成良好習慣的重要一步。

2. Spring / Summer Cleaning

It’s the season for it, so let’s take advantage of all the time we have and refresh our wardrobe. I always like to go through my closet at least once a year and do a purge. A good rule of thumb is to do away with any items you haven’t touched for a year, that you can sell it in consignment store. I think I’m pretty good about this. But there are some pieces with sentimental value, or wishful thinking that I can’t bear to give up. Therefore, one day I’ll magically look good in some colour that I never wearing it

正是這個季節,所以讓我們充分利用自己的時間,更新我們的衣櫃。 我總是喜歡每年至少整理我的衣櫃一次。 一個好的經驗法則是,刪除你一年未接觸的任何物品,你可以將它拿去二手店賣掉, 我想我對這件事做得非常好。但是有些作品具有感性的價值,或者有些一廂情願的想法,我捨不得放棄。 因此,有一天,我會以某種我以前從未戴過的顏色看起來很神奇。

3. do some exercise

A lot of people haven’t been able to go to work and while that definitely has negative effects, I believe there is a positive side. Therefore, it’s a good time that you can create a home workout routine.

No matter what exercise routine you start up, make sure it’s one you genuinely enjoy — or at least don’t hate too much. The best workout routine is the one you’re going to stick with — it’s much harder to make exercise a habit when it’s something you dread.

Make sure to start every workout with a warmup and cool down so that you don’t injure yourself.

很多人都無法上班,雖然這肯定會帶來負面影響,但我相信這是積極的一面。 因此,現在是創建家庭鍛煉程序的好時機。

無論你開始進行某種運動,都要確保它是你真正喜歡的運動,或者至少不要討厭太多。 最佳的鍛煉習慣是你將要堅持的鍛煉習慣-當你害怕鍛煉時,要養成鍛煉的習慣就困難得多。


4. get some wine with your spouse.

You see your partner every single day. They are the first person you talk to in the morning and the last person you kiss goodnight. I guess you are gonna tired to seeing each other everyday, but I think this is a perfect chance that you guys can have a wine and chat together. 

Spending quality time with your partner is the best way to ensure your relationship stays healthy and strong. This means going above and beyond sitting together while you watch Netflix or going out for the occasional dinner. You deserve more from your relationship – and so does your spouse!

What does quality time mean? It means spending time with your spouse without interruption. It’s a chance for you to come together and talk. Communication will build emotional intimacy and trust.

你每天都會看到你的伴侶。 他們是你早上與之交談的第一個人,也是你親吻晚安的最後一個人。 我想你們每天都想見面,但是我認為這是你們喝酒聊天的絕好機會。

與伴侶共度美好時光是確保您的關係保持健康和牢固的最佳方法。 這意味著在觀看Netflix或偶爾吃晚飯時,除了坐在一起之外,還有其他更多。 你應該從自己的關係中得到更多–配偶也應該得到更多!

優質時間是什麼意思? 這意味著與你的另外一半共度時光而不會受到干擾。 這是你聚在一起交談的機會。 交流將建立情感親密關係和信任。

5. spend more time with your family.

Spending Time with Family is Important

Are you haven’t spend time with your family? If you are, I think this also a great chance that you can spend some time with your family.

While it’s true that family is forever, it is important that the family is healthy. Your family will be healthy if you give it time. Family time is an essential factor that helps to create strong bonds, love, connections, and relationship among the family members. Spending quality time with family does help in coping with challenges, instill a feeling of security, inculcate family values, fill kids with confidence, and much more. Therefore, you should take this opportunity to stay with your family.

你還沒有和家人在一起嗎? 如果你是,我認為這也是你與家人共度時光的絕佳機會。

家庭是永遠的,所以家庭健康關係是很重要。 如果你願意的話,你的家庭關係會很健康。 而時間是必不可少的因素,是助於在家庭成員之間建立牢固的紐帶,愛情,聯繫和關係。 與家人共度美好時光確實有助於應對挑戰,樹立安全感,樹立家庭價值觀,讓孩子充滿信心等等。就現在這段時間好好陪陪家人吧!

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