History of Fashion week

Fashion week

Every time when you read some articles that talk about the trend of each season, do you actually understand the reason behind it? To be honest, I haven’t noticed it until I do some research, which now I am going to share with you guys.

每次閱讀一些有關每個季節趨勢的文章時,你是否真正了解其背後的原因? 老實說,直到我進行了一些查詢之後我才注意到它,現在我來跟大家分享分享。

what is fashion week?

A fashion week is a big event in fashion industry, lasting approximately one week, where fashion designers, brands display their latest collections in runway fashion shows to buyers and the media; however, these events influence trends for the upcoming seasons.

The most prominent fashion weeks are held in the fashion capitals of the world, which is New York, London, Milan, and Paris that it’s receive the majority of press coverage and there are two main seasons a year, which is spring/summer and autumn/winter, also there is a menswear week and a womenswear week. Nevertheless womenswear week is more sophisticated, namely prêt-à-porter and haute couture

時裝周是時裝界的一件大事,大約持續一個星期,時裝設計師,品牌在跑道時裝秀中向買家和媒體展示他們的最新系列。 但是,這些事件會影響即將到來的季節的趨勢。

最著名的時裝週在全球的時尚之都舉行,分別是紐約,倫敦,米蘭和巴黎,受到媒體的關注最多,並且每年有兩個主要季節,分別是春夏季和秋季。 /冬天,還有男裝周和女裝週。 然而,女裝週更為精緻,即成衣和高級時裝

History of fashion week

where the concept of fashion is come from?

which country will popping up in your mind when you thinking about fashion? I believe you will take France as your answer. However, I will say you’re right the the very concept of the “fashion show” is originated in France.

French Empress Eugenie wears some of the world’s first “haute couture”

In the 1700s, under Louis XIV, culminating with the first true “haute couture”, which it’s literally means High Fashion.

當你說到時尚時,哪個國家會突然出現在你腦海裡? 我相信你會以法國為答案。 然而,你是對的,因為「時裝秀」的概念恰好起源於法國。


在1700年代,路易十四(Louis XIV)領導下推出了第一款真正的“高級時裝”,其字面意思是高級時裝。v


Unlike the other fashion capitals, there are actually two “fashion weeks” in Paris, which is the “haute couture” shows and the “prêt-à-porter” shows.

Paris is a center of fashion industry, which is famous as high fashion, traditional studios and great taste that it’s reputation is especially based on its unique tradition and elegant image. As the fashion historian Valerie Steele said in her book that the history of Paris fashion has been vaguely integrated into myths and legends, from her book ”Paris: Fashion Capital”

However, one of history’s first signs of a fashion week, or seasonal collection, can be traced back to fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth. He began showing designs to clients in Paris and was the first to employ real women to showcase his garments.

These “fêtes” featuring live models continued from the late 1800s and early 1900s and were also known as “salon shows.” Held in European cities like Paris, the events remained private and only for an elite clientele. Soon “fashion parades” were introduced and, while still exclusive, were a bit more formal.


巴黎是時尚產業的中心,素以高級時裝,傳統工作室和極佳品位而聞名,其聲譽尤其基於其獨特的傳統和優雅的形象。 正如時尚史學家瓦萊麗·斯蒂爾(Valerie Steele)在她的書中所說,巴黎時尚的歷史已經從她的《巴黎:時尚之都》一書中模糊地融入了神話和傳說中。

但是,時裝週或季節性時裝的歷史最早標誌之一可以追溯到時裝設計師Charles Frederick Worth。 他開始在巴黎向客戶展示設計,並且是第一個僱用真正的女性來展示他的服裝的設計。

這些帶有現場模特的“fêtes”延續了1800年代末和1900年代初,也被稱為“沙龍表演”。 這些活動在巴黎等歐洲城市舉行,但活動仍是私人活動,僅針對精英客戶。 不久便引入了“時尚遊行”,雖然仍然是排他性的,但更為正式。

The internationally known figure, Paul Poiret, Parisian fashionmaker, whose skill in assembling a well-fashioned gown or dress has amazed thousands of American women during his tour of the United States, is shown fitting a woman with one of his creations.

At the beginning of the Parisian fashion week, designers Charles Worth and Paul Poiret jokingly proposed the possibility of displaying their clothes. At the same time, Mrs. Duff Gordon is doing similar things in London. As Paul Poiret is known for his magnificent design that he decided to combine business and social, to hold a luxurious evening party, aslo ask participants to wear the most exquisite clothes. However, one of the most famous events was the “Thousand Nights Carnival” party in 1911, in which Poiret showed a lampshade dress and harem pants.

舉世聞名的巴黎時裝設計師保羅·波瓦(Paul Poiret)的服裝裝配技巧,使成千上萬的美國女性在美國旅行期間感到驚訝,他的服裝被選為自己的作品之一。

在巴黎時裝週的開始,設計師Charles Worth和Paul Poiret開玩笑地提出了展示自己衣服的可能性。 同時,達夫·高登夫人在倫敦也做類似的事情。 保羅·波雷(Paul Poiret)以其宏偉的設計而聞名,他決定將商業與社交相結合,舉辦一場豪華的晚會,還要求參加者穿上最精緻的衣服。 然而,最著名的事件之一是1911年的“千夜狂歡節”派對,其中Poiret展示了燈罩裙和哈倫褲。

New York

New York was the first city to begin organizing shows seasonally.

According to William Leach’s Land of Desire, America’s first fashion show was likely held in 1903, at a New York City specialty store called Ehrich Brothers. However, New York City has long been America’s fashion capital. For current trends, many designers say one of the best sources of artistic inspiration comes from years past, and New York City fashion history is chock-full of legendary moments that inspire today’s fashionistas.

In 1943, New York shows were clustered together to boost American fashion during the occupation of France.

The shows in New York were organized into a particular time, but not yet a particular place. However, The first time New York’s shows were consolidated in a single location took place in 1993, under Fern Mallis, then Executive Director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (an organization founded by Eleanor Lambert).

In 1993, the events were first brought together in one location as ”7th on sixth”; meanwile, the London Fashion Week had already been going strong in the the UK since 1984, which those events in New York began being called ”New York Fashion Week” by following the lead of London.

紐約是第一個城市開始 fashion show 的城市

根據威廉·利奇(William Leach)的《慾望的土地》(Land of Desire)的說法,美國的第一場時裝秀可能於1903年在紐約市一家名為Ehrich Brothers的專賣店舉行。 但是,紐約市長期以來一直是美國的時尚之都。 對於當前的趨勢,許多設計師說,藝術靈感的最佳來源之一是過去的幾年,而紐約市的時尚歷史充滿了激發當今時尚達人的傳奇時刻。


紐約的演出是組織在一個特定的時間,但還不是一個特定的地方。 但是,紐約時裝秀第一次在一個地方進行合併是在1993年,當時是由美國時裝設計師協會(由Eleanor Lambert創立的組織)執行董事Fern Mallis領導。

1993年,這些活動首次在一個地方聚集在一起,即“第六名第七名”; 同時,自1984年以來,倫敦時裝週在英國就已經發展壯大,在倫敦的領導下,紐約的那些活動被稱為“紐約時裝週”。


Around the second half of the 20th century, Moda Italiana, or Italian fashion, finally became recognized for its attention-to-detail and innovative design.

On February the 12th 1951, Giorgini, considered the first promoter of the “Made in Italy style” organized a fashion presentation in the salon of his wonderful residence, Villa Torrigiani, in Florence, and invited some important American buyers to come to Tuscany to attend it, on their way back home from the Paris fashion shows.

This first Italian High Fashion show was seen as a positive success story, a fashion parade had been exclusively organized for foreign buyers and journalists. That special occasion sealed the overseas success of some of the best Italian designers such as Giovanna Caracciolo, Alberto Fabiani, Emilio Pucci, Emilio Schuberth.

Most events in Milan are organized under the auspices of the National Chamber for Italian Fashio, founded in 1958. But some of the largest design houses — such as Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci — show outside of Camera Moda.

大約在20世紀下半葉,Moda Italiana(即意大利時尚)最終因其註重細節和創新設計而受到認可。

1951年2月12日,被認為是“意大利製造風格”的第一個發起人的喬治·基尼尼(Giorgini)在佛羅倫薩奇妙的別墅托里吉亞尼(Villa Torrigiani)的沙龍中舉辦了一場時裝發布會,並邀請了一些重要的美國買家來托斯卡納參加 它從巴黎時裝秀回家的路上。

第一次意大利高級時裝秀被視為一個成功的成功故事,一場時裝遊行專門為外國買家和記者組織。 那個特殊的日子標誌著一些意大利最好的設計師在海外的成功,例如Giovanna Caracciolo,Alberto Fabiani,Emilio Pucci和Emilio Schuberth。

米蘭的大多數活動都是在1958年成立的意大利Fashio國家商會的主持下組織的。但是,一些最大的設計公司(例如Dolce&Gabbana和Gucci)在Camera Moda之外展出。


The British Fashion Council, a non-profit trade group aiming to promote British design in the UK and abroad, was founded in 1983 and launched London Fashion Week in 1984.

The British Designer of the Year title was also awarded for the first time, with the full-blown annual British Fashion Awards coming along in 1989. However, the first London fashion week was held in a West London parking lot, with tents erected outdside of Kensington’s Commmonwealth Institute.

The fashion industry is not spared the storm from impact of economic recession, which London fashion week was suffered in the early 90s. In 1992, only a handful of designers show at The Ritz Hotel, London. Yet, where there is a storm there is a silver lining. Twenty-three year old Alexander McQueen presents his first collection inspired by Jack the Ripper’s Whitechapel victims in 1888. Nevertheless, he would go on to become one of the most important British fashion designers ever.

英國時裝協會(British Fashion Council)是一個旨在在英國和國外推廣英國設計的非營利性貿易組織,成立於1983年,並於1984年啟動了倫敦時裝週。

年度最佳英國設計師稱號也首次獲得了獎項,並於1989年頒發了年度年度英國時裝大獎。但是,首屆倫敦時裝週在西倫敦停車場舉行,帳篷外豎立了帳篷。 肯辛頓聯邦研究所。

時裝業不能倖免於經濟衰退的影響,這場經濟衰退在90年代初遭受了倫敦時裝週的衝擊。 1992年,只有少數設計師在倫敦麗茲酒店展出。 然而,在有暴風雨的地方有一線希望。 二十三歲的亞歷山大·麥昆(Alexander McQueen)展示了他的第一個時裝系列,靈感來自開膛手傑克(Jack the Ripper)的白教堂受害者(1888)。儘管如此,他仍然成為有史以來最重要的英國時裝設計師之一。




The order of fashion weeks held in the four cities is:

New York, London, Milan, Paris. 

New York

The New York Fashion Week style emphasizes on business and leisure, it brings together the power of many new American designers.

New York, as the first of the four major fashion show that has the supreme status in the fashion industry. As the first fashion week, which it lasted for long time that was supported by many classic old brands.


London’s style is the innovative, quirky and boundary-pushing, there are many niche brands that you probably haven’t heard of it.

The London Fashion Show, one of the most famous fashion shows in the world that may not be as famous as the fashion shows in Paris and New York, but it is known for its alternative clothing design concepts and bizarre exhibition formats, which is willing to accept all kinds of designer works.


Milan’s style is classic and fashionable, which is the place where the Gucci, Prada, and Armani come from, also other well-known Italian traditional fashion brands gathered all over the world.

Milan is a famous cultural city in Italy with a long history that it was once the largest city in Italy; Italy is an established country in textile and clothing production which the products are world-renowned for their exquisite design and superb post-processing technology, especially the leather products.


Paris’s style is a gathering place for luxury brands, such as Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL).

Paris, is known as the “center of the clothing center”. Most of the internationally recognized top apparel brand design and sales headquarters are located in Paris. The message sent from here is the vane of international fashion trends, not only leading the direction of the French textile and clothing industry, but also leading the international fashion trend.












巴黎的風格是香奈兒(Chanel),迪奧(Dior)和伊夫聖羅蘭(Yves Saint Laurent)(YSL)等奢侈品牌的聚集地。



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