How to make an all-black-outfit interesting

all black looknook

There would be a few people out there that would have the opinion to think that an all black outfit is outrageously boring, and now I’m going to attempt to prove them wrong.

My opinion in all black outfit is you can match it with some accessories that make you look totally different and the textures and materials are also important; however, Part of my style evolution on only wearing black, using accessories is learning how to wear a complete black outfit and make it look as eye catching as a bright coloured ensemble.

This outfit I using the pearl earring and scarf to match with. Since I become a person who addiction of 90th vintage that I really love pearl earring and scarf. Before I like french style, I don’t even think I would like to love scarf until now. Now I know scarf is a perfect accessory on neck for elegant if you don’t want to wear the necklace.


我對全黑衣服的看法是,你可以將其搭配一些配件,使你看起來完全不同,而且質地和材料也很重要。 但是,我的風格演變過程中,僅穿著黑色,使用配件是學習如何穿著完整的黑色衣服並使它看起來像鮮豔的彩色服裝一樣引人注目。

這件衣服我用珍珠耳環和圍巾來搭配。 自從我成為90年代上癮的人以來,我就非常喜歡珍珠耳環和圍巾。 在我喜歡法國風格之前,我什至認為我不喜歡圍巾。 現在我知道圍巾是脖子上的完美配飾,如果您不希望戴項鍊的話,也可以帶來優雅。

What am I wearing?


Blouses  :  2143 

Pants : buy it from Seoul

Earring : Émffei

Scarf : Émffei

Sunglasses: dior 

Shoes: shoppen


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