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Outfit : How to wear nude color

How to wear nude color?

There are lots of ‘nude’ colored garments in clothing stores and people often comment to me that they are impossible to wear. Because they don’t know how to match it. So I want to give you some ideas on how to wear nude so you don’t look nude or washed out.

1.Mix fabrics
While the catwoman and wetsuit looks have their time and place, these are clearly counterproductive for us minimalists – creatures of logic, purpose and functionality. So your key word for dressing totally is contrast. Mixing your fabrics is a powerful tool to have up your outfit. It’s not just a juxtaposition of textures we’re after, but it’s also the fit and form.
2. Pay special attention to proportions
Without colors and prints, there’s little else to distract the eye, and there’s no disguising proportions that are not quite right. Consider your silhouette, keeping the top and bottom halves balanced.
3. Follow through with accessories
To wear all the same color is a statement all on its own, and those who wear all the some color never do so by halves. That said, adding metallic elements is highly recommended in all the same color outfit.

How do I match it?

1.Like what I said, you have to mix fabric when you wear the all same color. So in my case, I wear sleek satin pants with structured wool.

2. For maintain a good proportion, I tuck a little bit my sweater in my pants.

3. they said, silver hardware lends to a more casual vibe, while gold hints at something dressier. However, I’m not a fan of mixing the two. I using pearl earring to makes me look more elegant and the gold frame sunglasses for fashionable.









What am I wearing?


Earring : Émffei

Shoes : Adidas

Sweater and pants : bought it in Korea.


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