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In Hannam-dong, Seoul, there have a Chaucnkuo Paling Street which there are many different type of cafés and unique shops; however I’m going to share this Low Coffee Hannam café (in Korean is 로우커피) with you that is one of most popular café on instagram.

In fact, I didn’t know this café is the one that I’m searching for when I passed by until I saw their sign board. Before I saw their sign, I’m just attracted by their simple appearance with casual style; therefor, I stop my steps. I believe you will do the same things as me if you love this kinda style of casual, which you will spend your a little time and take a break in this awesome space on your trip in Seoul.

As you can see the space is not too crowded and the sunlight filters through the windows, which is so nice that you can take a rest in here or spend your time with your friends.


在首爾漢南洞,有一條Chaucnkuo Paling街,那裡有許多不同類型的咖啡館和獨特的商店。 但是,我將與你分享這家Low Coffee Hannam咖啡館(韓語為로우커피),它是instagram上最受歡迎的咖啡館之一。

實際上,當我經過這家咖啡館時,直到看到他們的招牌,我才知道它是我要尋找的咖啡館。 在看到他們的標誌之前,我只是被他們休閒風格的簡單外觀所吸引; 為此,我停止了腳步。 如果你喜歡這種休閒風格,我相信你會做與我相同的事情,在首爾旅行時,你一定會花一點時間,在這個很棒的地方休息一下。


The Low Coffee Hannam is tastefully furnished, which you can see some different style of chair and display; furthermore, you can find out there have some plant decorative that you can feel very peace in there. Oh, and I think the owner have good taste in music.

Low Coffee Hannam佈置高雅,你可以看到一些不同風格的椅子和展示架; 此外,你還可以看到一些植物裝飾,在那裡你會感到非常和平。 哦,我認為店主在音樂方面很有品位。


In here, you can order some nice desserts and coffee.



To be honest, this matcha cake is a little bit dry when you eat it alone, but if you eat it with chocolate sauce, it will be totally different which it’s nice!!! And the most important is it would not too sweet, so that anyone who doesn’t like dessert can finish it. ( just like me lol )

老實說,當你單獨食用時,這款抹茶蛋糕會有點乾,但是如果你搭配旁邊的巧克力醬一起食用,那就完全不一樣了!!! 最重要的是,它不會太甜,以便任何不喜歡甜點的人都可以完成。 (就像我xd)

In Low Coffee Hannam, the best known is this flat-shaped rectangular otter bottled drink that is an element for people to take a photo on their instagram, which there have four types that they use this bottle is Earl Grey Milk Tea, Matcha Milk Tea, Juice and Rooibos Vanilla Milk Tea respectively. If you order one of four types drink, they will give you a paper cup and put some ice cubes inside, so you can bring the drinks out and have a cold drink.

在 Low Coffee Hannam 中,最著名的是這種扁平形狀的矩形扁型瓶裝飲料,是人們在instagram上拍照的一種元素,他們使用這種瓶有四種類型:伯爵奶茶,抹茶奶茶 ,果汁和Rooibos香草奶茶。 如果你訂購四種類型的飲料中的一種,它們會給你一個紙杯,並在其中放入一些冰塊,這樣你就可以將飲料帶出並喝一杯冷飲。


Telephone : 070-7768-1918

Address : 26 Itaewon-ro 54-gil, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Exit 3 of Hanjiang Town Station of Metro Line 6

Hours : 11: 00 ~ 20: 00

Since 2017/6

Instagram@ lowcoffee.hannam

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