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Plant Pavilion PH

Recently I found a cafe is very special in Seoul, Korea that I really want to visit there. This cafe is in Suseo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul which is a little far away from the place where I lived in Seoul. To be honest, i was keep thinking did I have to go there to see since I know ”Plant Pavilion PH cafe” is a little bit far. But when I arrived at the cafe I knew I didn’t make a wrong choice immediately. Once you step into the cafe, you can find out the room is very spacious and has lots of plants which you can spend your entirely afternoon with your friend in there. Oh! Also there have a small art museum in three floor.

最近,我發現我很想去韓國漢城的一家咖啡館很特別。 這家咖啡廳位於首爾市江南區秀水洞,離我住在首爾的地方有點遠。 老實說,我一直在想我是否必須去那裡看看,因為我知道“ Plant Pavilion PH咖啡館”有點遠。 但是當我到達咖啡館時,我知道我沒有做出錯誤的選擇。 走進咖啡廳後,您會發現房間非常寬敞,裡面種滿了許多植物,你可以與朋友在那裡度過整個下午。 哦! 在三層樓還有一個小型美術館。

In the center of Gangnam, you can see some skyscrapers and department store covered the sky; however, when I passed by this glass house that was entered my sight straightly and then I just found out this one is the one that I searching for. 

If you are a person who love  glass house, I believe you will act like me.

在江南中心,你可以看到摩天大樓和百貨商店覆蓋著天空; 但是,當我經過一間直接進入我視線的玻璃屋時,我才發現這是我要尋找的那間。


The name is unique also the exterior and interior are unusual have strength which is different than other. In particular, the door handle is made of stone! First time I came here, stand in front of the glass and thinking about how should I open the door and where is the door? So let me tell you the door is in the right way and push the silver alumium door into it! Don’t stand in front of the glass as what I did. lol.

When you come into the Plant Pavilion PH cafe, you have to buy the ticket (10,000 won per adult) including a drink which you can choose one of the drinks such as Espresso, American coffee, coffee latte, Louis Boss, etc.

這個名字是蠻特別的,外部和內部也都具有與眾不同的設定。 特別是門把手是用石頭做的! 第一次來這裡,站在玻璃前面,想著我應該如何打開門,門在哪裡? 因此,我告訴你門的方向正確,然後將銀色鋁門推入門中! 不要像我那樣站在玻璃杯前。 大聲笑。

進入Plant Pavilion PH咖啡館時,你必須購買門票(每位成人10,000韓元),其中包括一種飲料,你可以選擇其中一種飲料,例如濃咖啡,美式咖啡,拿鐵咖啡,路易斯·博斯等。

In the Plant Pavilion PH cafe, the main decorate is “plants” and “stones”. They seem to make potted plants and stones untidy, but when we see the overall atmosphere, they are very harmonious. You probably will feel this place just like a mini garden in the center of Seoul. 

在Plant Pavilion PH咖啡館中,主要裝飾是“植物”和“石頭”。 它們似乎使盆栽植物和石頭變得不整潔,但是當我們看到整體氣氛時,它們非常和諧。 你可能會覺得這個地方就像漢城中心的迷你花園一樣。

There is another small botanical garden on the first floor of the Plant Pavilion PH. You can go in and see the beautiful flower pots.

植物館PH的一樓還有另一個小植物園。 你可以進去看看美麗的花盆。

first floor

In the first floor, there don’t have too much set but have lots of plants also they have a small garden in the outside.

植物館PH的一樓還有另一個小植物園。 你可以進去看看美麗的花盆。

second floor

I think the second floor is the best choice of your set. Of course, it also very spacious just like first floor. But the set is more than the first floor that you have more choice to choose where you want to set. There is a lot of sunshine and a cool place inside. I personally like it because the second floor is more quite and airy than the first floor. 

In the second floor, you also can see the 1st floor on different angle that you can have other thoughts.

我認為二樓是座位的最佳選擇。 它也非常寬敞,就像一樓一樣,但是佈景比一樓要大,你可以選擇要坐的位置。 裡面有很多陽光和涼爽的地方。 我個人喜歡它,因為二樓比一樓更通風。


third floor

The Plant Pavilion PH cafe has three floors that there is a small exhibition on the third floor. The exhibition always change to different subject. 

Now, The exhibition is the work of Kwon Do Yeon. Everytime I stare at those work that I feel so peace although it’s a colorless and simple, which just let me connect to think about the plants on the 1st floor. 

Plant Pavilion PH咖啡館共有三層,三層有一個小型展覽。 展覽總是改變為不同的主題。

現在,展覽是權道妍的作品。 每次我凝視那些讓我感到非常和平的作品,儘管它是無色而簡單的,但這讓我得以思考一樓的植物。

On the side of the exhibition hall, you can see the top of the mountain through the glass. But I think it’s so ugly as you can see in the photo cause no one manage it. (Unless someone clean it.)

在展廳的一側,你可以透過玻璃看到山頂。 但我認為你在照片中可以看到它是如此醜陋,原因是沒人管它。 (除非有人清潔它。)

Honestly I am impressed by this cafe, which I want to give it a good grade, the atmosphere is too great and the staffs are also friendly, I can’t say anything about it. I guess if I lived in Seoul, I probably will come here to spend my leisure time frequently.

However, the disadvantage is that various beverages are not diversified and the taste of the coffee is insufficient. Anyway, If I would come to Seoul again, I will come here.

老實說,這家咖啡館給我留下了深刻的印象,我想給它一個好成績,氣氛太好了,工作人員也很友善,我對此無話可說。 我想如果我住在首爾,我可能會經常來這裡度過閒暇時光。

然而,缺點是各種飲料不能多樣化並且咖啡的味道不足。 無論如何,如果我再次來首爾,我會來這裡。


*Telephone :  +8224450405

*Address : 24 Gwangpyeong-ro 34-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

*Hours : Monday – Sunday 11:00 – 19:00(Wednesday Close)

*Website : http://www.sikmulgwan.com/

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