My 26 birthday.

26 years old.

How did you think about birthday ?

For lots of people, they think birthday is the anniversary of the day on which a person was born, typically treated as an occasion for celebration and the giving of gifts. 

I remember I wrote an article when I turn intro 24 years old. I said each of us has a birthday, and this day has a special meaning for each of us, because from this day we have life in this world.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to grow up to be independent and escape the scope of parental governance. The 18-year-old is an age that many children want to reach as soon as possible, because they can take a driver’s license, buy cigarettes, etc. Also, We are legally responsible for our actions. As the days pass and the age grows, there is a change on psychologically and physically.

Before the age of 18, I always look forward to my birthday. It is nothing more than thinking about what gifts, birthday cakes, and who will bless you. I remember when I was a freshman in high school, I received a bunch of gifts that I was smiling and full of happiness. During that period, I thought that receiving different gifts and blessings from different people is the meaning of birthday.

As I get to the 24, I gradually forget my friend ’s birthday, but The birthday of good friends is already in my head. Not because I don’t care about them, but I’m too busy to remember. Sometimes I don’t even remember my birthday lol. Therefore, the meaning of birthday has become different than before for me. Now I think, birthday is not how many gifts to receive, not a bunch of birthday wishes on Facebook page; but on this special day, someone truly says “Happy Birthday” to you, which is enough for me.


小時候總希望快點長大成人獨立,逃脫父母的管治範圍。18 歲這個數字對許多小孩來說,是想快點到達的年齡,因為可以考駕照,可以買菸等等…,相對在法律上也開始要為自已的行為負責。隨著日子慢慢流逝、年紀增長,無論在心理與生理上都有所轉變。

18歲以前,我總會很期待生日的到來,不外乎就是想著會收到什麼樣的禮物、生日蛋糕,還有誰會祝福你。記得高一時,我收到了一堆的禮物,那時的我可說是笑容滿面,滿是開心 ; 高三時,則是不論是否認識的人,都在我個人臉書的版面留下:生日快樂的字語。那段期間,我認為收到不同的禮物、不同人的祝福,就是過生日的意義。

隨著年紀來到2字頭,漸漸地我總會忘記朋友的生日,(好朋友的生日則是已經印在腦海裡)甚至連自己的生日都會忘記,一旦想做的事情一多時,根本不會去記得,偶爾忙到連日期過到哪天都沒在記。而過生日的意義也變得跟以往不同了!現在的我認為,生日不是要收到多少禮物,不是在臉書版面上收到一堆生日祝福 ; 而是在這特別的一天,有人真心地向你說聲 “生日快樂” ,這樣就很足夠了。


How did you define your 26 years old ?

Some people will think there’s nothing acute, stark, painful, or anxious about 26 years old. But upon closer, inspection, 26 is surprisingly important, and full of moments that possibly mark a more substantial, albeit subtler, transition than any other year of your 20s. For my thinking, I think 26 is the age of perfect time for chasing my goals, which is an incredible age for me.

You will actually be more financially responsible going forward. It’s taken this long, but you finally understand that the fleeting disappointment of not buying some bullshit thing you want is nothing compared to the persistent. ( So I wanna do a challenge of my 2020, I will share it in the next article.)

In fact, If you think age is nothing more than a number, then congrats your brain has fully developed and your trait pathways as such at least you for the most part are now able to adapt and know truly wether or not your chosen path adhere.

In my conclusion, there is no yardstick to measure what a 26 year old should have achieved or how much money they should have. Just like any age. This is because every one is surrounded by different emotional, social, cultural, political and economic environment and situation. 


而且將來你也將承擔更多的財務責任。 花費了這麼長時間,你明白不買那些你想要的短暫物品,會讓你失望之外,與持久性相比並沒有什麼。 (所以我在2020年想挑戰一件事,我將在下一篇文章中分享。)


總而言之,我認為,是沒有任何標準可以來衡量26歲的孩子應該取得的成就或多少錢。 就像任何年齡。 這是因為每個人都被不同的情感,社會,文化,政治和經濟環境和狀況所包圍。

Remember ''Dear myself, no matter how miserable the reality is, you must be stubborn and believe that this is just a short period of darkness before dawn.''


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