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[ Attraction ]my favor 10 spots in London

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10 spots you have to visit in London

Hello London!!!

Hello London!!! Speaking of this trip to London, it’s kinda an unexpected journey. Because I use one day to considered to go to London and after I booked the ticket, it’s just only one week left that I have to prepare everything, including my schedule and my luggage.

However, in this week, I concentrated on my homework, which is I have to know where is must-see spots and which local market I have to go for visit. 

in here you can see the market in London that I went to : the local market in London 

Therefore, I checked all the must-see attractions to sort out some lists that I think those spots I have to see, which I am going to share with you guys.

for sure, those spots are not everyone would think that you have to visit when you are in London, because everyone have different thought. So if you have some good spots in London, I very happy that you can share with me.


London Eye

If this is your first time come to London for visiting here, then I think ” London Eye ” definitely is your first choose of the attractions that you have to see in London.

Built as part of the year 2000 millennium celebrations, the London Eye seems to have captured the imagination of visitors to London. It is now one the most popular attractions of all, also it was the biggest Viewing Ferris Wheel in the world.

Every year in the New Year time, in addition to New York’s Times Square have beautiful fireworks, London also have one, which so many people from all over the world will come to here for watch it! (In my mind, Taiwan’s 101 is awesome too.)

Oh right! you also can see London Eye in some British drama such as Holmes, etc. and if some films shot the scene in London, you also can find out the London Eye is always show up in the movie, which tell audience this place is in London.

There are 32 air-conditioned cockpits in the London Eye, one for up to 25 people and 30 minutes for one round. This time I came here alone, so I didn’t go up; otherwise I would like to go up to enjoy the view of London from the top. It is said that the scenery above of London Eye is super awesome. No mention that if a couple comes, I think the atmosphere will definitely so good.

The London Eye is listed by me as one of the attractions that I will definitely come back to when I am with my boyfriend.lol


倫敦眼 又稱 「千禧之輪」是世界上第一座景觀摩天輪,也曾經是最大的觀景摩天輪。



倫敦眼共有 32個空調座艙,一個最多可容納25個人,轉一圈是30分鐘





*Address:Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminister Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB England

*Ticket:16歲以上成人 £ 27  提前線上購買 £ 24.3 


*Hours: 有時的開放時間不一定,請看官網消息。點我

*Tube:威斯敏斯特 Westminster 地鐵站一號出口。沿著 威斯特斯特碼頭 Westminster Pier 走

Big ben

The location of Big Ben is right opposite of the London Eye, which you can visit both in the same time. lol

Big Ben is also one of London’s landmarks. In addition to it is the UK’s largest clock, also is the third-highest clock tower in the world! Many people refer to this clock tower as Big Ben, but it official name is “Elizabeth Tower”, which is 11 stories high. Completed in 1859, the first bell was knocked out on July 11 of the same year.

This is the first time I came to London, so that I am looking forward to seeing Big Ben, but I am seeing that it is being refurbished, which I am a little bit disappointed. After I checked the news, I found out that it repair work probably will take four years that this repair was started on August 21, 2017, costing £29 million. Now the big clock was temporarily removed, for the maintenance staff have to inspect and repair each gear; nevertheless, under the electric motor drive, one clock continued to operate and opened to the outside world.

Since the first bell knocked out in 1859, Big Ben has been parked several times, but this maintenance project may be the longest silent period of Big Ben. Nonetheless, in the New Year and important occasions, you can still hear the bell ringing!

I hope I can see it in beautiful appearance that I come to London next time.



大笨鐘也是倫敦的地標之一,上面的鐘除了是英國最大的時鐘外,更是全世界第三高的鐘樓!許多人將這座鐘樓稱為大笨鐘 (Big Ben),但他的正式名稱是「伊莉莎白塔」(Elizabeth Tower)鐘樓 11 樓層高。於 1859 年完工,在同年 7 月 11 日 敲出了第一聲鐘響。

這次是我第一次來到倫敦,滿懷期待想要看到大笨鐘,卻看見它正在整修的模樣,讓我有點失望。查了一下消息,才發現他的維修工作需要四年。2017 年 8 月 21 日 開始維修,耗資 2900 萬英鎊,大時鐘被暫時拆除,維修人員檢查與修復每個齒輪,在電動馬達驅動下,有一面鐘持續運作且對外開放。




*Address:Parliament Square, London SW1, England


*Tube:威斯敏斯特 Westminster 地鐵站一號出口。沿著 威斯特斯特碼頭 Westminster Pier 走

Tower Bridge

It is a tall tower across the Thames River in London. It is an iron bridge that allows you to visit and overlook the entire Tasmanite. It More famous for being located near the Tower of London

When I saw the Tower Bridge, I immediately popup a nursery rhyme in my mind, which is ” London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down..”. In my entire childhood I thought that nursery song is London Bridge, instead of Tower Bridge until I came to London, I totally figure it out, The Tower Bridge is the one of nursery song. I believe there are the most of people who was confused about the Tower Bridge Tower and the London Bridge, just like me.

Before I figure this out, I was check-in locations in here that I was made a mistake, which is I checked-in locations in London Bridge until someone who left the message to tell me that’s not London Bridge, is Tower Bridge. lol


看到倫敦塔橋的時候,我腦中立刻浮現一首童謠「倫敦鐵橋垮下來,垮下來~」。英文版則是「London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down…」

我一直以為這首童謠是在指:倫敦橋 London Bridge,而不是倫敦塔橋 Tower Bridge。到倫敦後,才搞清楚童謠裡指的橋正是 倫敦塔橋 Tower Bridge。

當時在 Instagram 上打卡時,還打錯地方,打到 London Bridge 去,直到有人在底下留言,我才發現這個錯誤!真正的 倫敦橋 London Bridge 是另一座不同的橋樑,位於倫敦塔橋的上游,兩僑僅相距約 1 公里!

真是的,那當初另外一座橋為什麼要取名為 London Bridge 啊!實在太令人搞混了


*Address:Tower Bridge, London SE1 2UP, England

*Ticket:16歲以上成人 £ 9.80  提前線上購買 £ 8.70

           5-15 歲 £ 4.20  提前線上購買 £ 3.80

           5 歲以下免費


*Hours: 4-9月 10:00 – 17:30  / 10-3 月 09:30 – 17:00

*Tube:Tower Hill Station

Westminster Abbey

It is a Gothic architecture-style church that is the place where has always been buried and crowned for British monarchs, also the Prince William and Princess Kate was in here for their wedding. But the Prince Harry and Megan Marker was in the church of “St. George’s Chapel” in Windsor Castle for their wedding.

There are statue of 10 Christian Martyrs above the entrance of Westminster Abbey

So far, in Westminster Abby have more than 3,000 celebrities have been buried in here, which them are from British royal family, nobles, poets, generals, politicians, scientists, etc..(such as Darwin, Newton, Elizabeth…)

是哥德式風格建築的教堂,一直都是英國君主安葬、加冕登基的地點。威廉王子、凱特王妃就是在這裡舉行他們的婚禮的。哈利王子與梅根馬克爾的則是舉辦在 溫莎城堡 內的教堂「聖喬治禮拜堂」




*西敏寺裡頭是禁止照相的  When you are inside of Westminster Abbey, you can not take any photo 

*Address:20 Deans Yd, Westminster, London SW1P 3PA, England

*Ticket:16歲以上成人 £ 20


*Hours: 週一、二、四、五 09:30 – 15:30  / 週三 16:30 – 18:00 / 週六 09:00 – 15:00 / 週日公休

*Tube:Westminster Station / Jame’s Park

St Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral was built in the 17th century. The most of churches in London is Gothic architecture-style, but St. Paul’s Cathedral is Baroque style.

In addition to being a well-known attraction, St. Paul’s Cathedral is an important faith for the British, also the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is holding in here!




*聖保羅大教堂裡頭是禁止照相的  When you are inside of St. Paul’s Cathedral, you can not take any photo 

上網先預訂門票能「便宜 £2 」外,還能快速通關

*Address:Ludgate Hill, London EC4, England

*Ticket:成人 £ 18 / 60歲以上 £16 / 6-17歲 £8


*Hours: 週一 至 週六 08:30 AM – 16:00 PM / 週日公休

*Tube:St. Paul’s Station

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is located in the heart of London, it has been the residence and office of the British royal family since Queen Victoria moved to here. It is said that the Queen of England work here on weekdays and return to Windsor Castle on holidays. If the Queen is in inside, it is hang the “Monarch Flag”, instead of “British Flag”

However, the most well-known of Buckingham Palace is Changing of the Guard in front of the gate, just like the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei. If you want to stand in front of the black railing to watch the changing of the guard clearly, I suggest you that you have to arrive 1 or 2 hours earlier.

I thought it will start to change at 10:15 , so I arrived an hour earlier, about 9 o’clock. There were not many people at that time, which I found a great position and waited in front of the black railing until 10 o’clock. But I got a question of why it haven’t started yet that I asked other people, they tell me it was 11:15! Therefore, I have to waited for more one hour. lol

I really strongly suggest everyone, check the time on the official website before you go.

位於倫敦市中心的白金漢宮,自從維多利亞女王遷居至此後,便成為英國皇室的住所、辦公處。據說英國女王平日會在這辦公,假日才會回溫莎城堡。如果女王在裡頭的話,會掛上「君主旗」; 如果沒有的話,就是掛「英國國旗」





*Address:SW1A 1AA


*衛兵交接時間: 每週一、三、五、日約11點開始。約45分鐘 。須先上官網確定時間

*Tube:Green Park / Hyde Park Corner / Victoria / St.Jame’s Park 步行約十分鐘

Hyder Park

Hyde Park is really too big, I think it’s about five as large as than Taipei Daan Forest Park.

If you want to enjoy the afternoon as the Londoners, Hyde Park is definitely the first choice that you can sitting on the grass, looking at the ducks, eating small snacks with your friends is really great.





*Address:Hyder Park, England, W2 2UH

*Tube:Hyde Park Corner Underground

Trafalgar Square

In every city, there is the one of the most famous square, such as New York is Times Square, Paris is place de la Concorde and London is the “Trafalgar Square”.

In addition to being a transportation hub, Trafalgar Square is not only a square for the British, but also has an important position! It was built in 1805 to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar. The statue in the middle of the square is Nelson’s Column that he is the one who leading the British Navy to defeat the French and Spanish fleet.

For more than two hundred years, as long as it celebrates New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and other important festivals, it is a gathering place for all British people!

Trafalgar Square is also show up in the title of “Sherlock Holmes” drama! After watching Holmes, I designated it as one of the must-see attractions in London!


特拉法加廣場除了是交通樞紐外,對英國人來說它不只是廣場,更有著重要地位!它建於1805年,為紀念 特拉法加戰。在廣場中央的雕像是 Nelson’s Column,帶領著英國海軍擊敗法國、西班牙艦隊

兩百多年來,只要是慶祝除夕夜、聖誕節、以及其他重要節日時,這裡是全英國人的聚集地!像是我來的時候「West End Live 2018」的活動就是舉辦在 特拉法加廣場



*Address:Trafalgar Square, Westminster, London 


*Tube:Charing Cross / Leicester Square Station

China Town

The China Town of London is located in the Soho district, it established in the early 19th century. I think the food in China town is very good that is a great blessing for international students who come here for studying or for those who miss Chinese cuisine.

You also can see Taiwan’s beverage store in here, such as Sunrise Tea Tai, Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea

位在 Soho 區的唐人街,從 19 世紀初就建立





*Address:27 Gerrard St, London W1D 5QJ England


*Tube:Piccadilly Circus / Leicester Square Staion

Carnaby Street

In London, except the boutique shopping street on Regent Street and Oxford Street, Carnaby Street is a paradise for young people to shopping.

It was the place where the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc., the legendary figures of the British rock scene found, which it was recognized as the “Swaning Sixties”. Because of this spiritual foundation that it is more niche and alternative rebellion than Regent Street and Oxford Street.

In here, the jazz fans can enjoy the music, hippies can break the shackles of fashion, show their personality, which on the other hand you can find out the different type of London.

Carnaby Street is also located in the Soho area. It has beautiful signboards and different specialty shops. It is a gathering place for street fashion, so you can see many young people shopping here! Superme, Adidas, puma, Cheap Monday, etc, all you can see in here.

It’s not hard to notice that the people who walking on the street, they all have their own personality.

在倫敦除了 在 攝政街 Regent Street、牛津街 Oxford Street 上的精品購物天堂外,Carnaby Street 則是年輕人購物的天堂

這裡更是當時 披頭士 The Beatles、滾石 The Rolling Stones 等…英國搖滾界的傳奇人物的聚集點,更是被公認為「搖擺的 60 年代 The Swinging Sixties」的標誌。正因有這種精神基奠,與攝政街、牛津街相比,更加的小眾、另類的反叛


卡納比街跟中國城一樣都位在 Soho 區,有著美麗的招牌、不同的特色小店,就好比是台灣的東區,是潮牌的聚集地,所以能看見很多年輕人在這裡逛街呢!Superme、Adidas、puma、Cheap Monday…等都能這在裡看見



*Address:27 Gerrard St, London W1D 5QJ England


*Tube:Piccadilly Circus / Leicester Square Staion

Today’s sharing is in here, I hope you will like it and hope you have a great day.

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