My first book of social media-333 Business plan

my first social media book

Do you use social media?

Nowadays, everyone have a smart phone also use social media to know the newest information. No matter what kind of social media I believe you do have a social media to get the contact with your friends such as Facebook, Instagram and snapchat etc.

If you read this article 10 reason to tell you why you should read, you may know I haven’t read after I graduated. To be specifically I didn’t read extra-curricular readings, except the language books when I study french until I realize how important of social media. I know the social media is the best thing to help you to create your personal brand, but I don’t know how to do, how to get the fans and how to get profit from social media. Therefore I start to search any way to do it, my first that I did is read more and more books. However, This 333 Business Plan is my first book of social media.



如果你閱讀過這篇文章十個理由告訴你為什麼應該閱讀,那麼你可能知道我畢業後就沒有閱讀了。具體來說,除了我學習法語的語言書籍外,我沒有讀過其他的課外閱讀,直到我意識到社交媒體的重要性。我知道社交媒體是幫助你創建個人品牌的最好方法,但是我不知道該怎麼做?如何吸引粉絲?以及如何從社交媒體中獲利?因此,我開始尋找任何方式,而我做的第一件事就是閱讀越來越多的書。然而,這本《 333商業計劃》是我的第一本社交媒體書籍。

What did I get in this book?

1.Being yourself.

Running social media is the best way to makes people understand your view of world.

The first thing is you have to being the person who you really are and show the people what kind of personality you are on social media. Do not being the person that you don’t know who you are. 

If you want to run your social media on a sustainable basis, you must care about what’s your true feelings. Do not suppress yourself to please the market and become a person that you don’t know. The more you present who you really are on social media, it will be easier for everyone to accept your imperfections and reality.

2. Find your passion 

You’ve got to follow your passion. You’ve got to figure our what it is you love – who you really are. And have the courage to do that. I believe that the only courage anybody ever needs is the courage to follow your own dreams. – Oprah Winfrey.

Ted, I think nobody didn’t know Ted. Since I read the book ”Talk like Ted” that I know if you didn’t do the work from the things what makes you have passion about, then you will unhappy on your life. However, in this book, that the author Meta wrote the same thing. 

Last year, I spent all year to find the way of how should I do that I can get closer with my dreams and finally I found it in the lately 2019, which you can read this blog now.

Before finding the passion, I think you should find what’s makes you interesting and what’s things makes you important and if you find it, then you should manage it in depth way, then I guess you just find where your passion are.

3. Get contact.

Every stars would love to get more contact with their fans for get more attention on them, either do we. You have to tell them you are a really person who care about them. So go get contact with your fans.





你必須跟隨自己的熱情。 你必須弄清楚我們所愛的人-你真正的身份。 並有勇氣做到這一點。 我相信,任何人唯一需要的勇氣就是勇於實現自己的夢想。 – 奧普拉·溫弗瑞。

Ted,我想沒有人不知道 Ted。 自從我讀了《像TED一樣說話》這本書以來,我就知道如果你不做那些讓你充滿激情的事情,那你的生活一定不會快樂。 然而,在這本書中,作者Meta編寫了同樣的東西。






333 Program.

1. Read this book in three hours (V)

The investment amount is less than NT $ 3,000 per month (not exceeding 10% of monthly income) → (V)

2.Come up with a profitable social media micro-entrepreneurship plan within three days

→ Blog Ms Amanda 0 to 1. (V)

3. Make certain achievements within three months and reflect on and fine-tune

→ I’m gonna update after three months


三小時內看完這本書 (V)


在三天內想出可以獲利的自媒體微創業計畫 → 部落格 Ms Amanda 0 to 1. ( V )

在三個月內做出一定成果,並反省與微調 → 三個月後更新

There are not many professional terms in this book, which are easy to understand and convey the author Meta’s always value thinking> price thinking, so that she can come to her own brand today. In the current Internet traffic era, we should think about how to steadily accumulate Strength, and good management, not everything with no content.

Before I read this book, I was lost my direction and don’t know how to do after I created my blog. So I just searched more and more information on the internet until I read this book. This book was tell me the most important things and some tips that you cannot forget when you manage your social media.

If you are manage your brand or business, then you can’t without the social media! This book will tell you how to do. 

自媒體百萬獲利法則這本書中沒有太多專業術語、淺顯易懂,傳達作者 Meta 始終價值思維>價格思維,所以才能走到今天屬於她自己的品牌,在現在網路流量的時代,我們更該思考如何穩紮穩打得累積實力,且好好的經營,而不是一切求快,毫無內容。




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