Netflix : Emily in Paris – What is the real Paris?

Netflix : Emily in Paris – What is the real Paris?

Paris is paris

After the launch of the Netflix series “Emily in Paris”, it was unexpectedly popular. The producer, Darren Star deliberately turned “Sex in the city” into a Paris version, but the French watched this series and they were disgusted, which now let us talk about what is the real Paris?

Netflix劇集《Emily in Paris》開播後,意料之中地大受歡迎,製作人Darren Star有意將《Sex in the city》打造成巴黎版,但法國人看了這部影集,一直嫌棄到不行啊!今天就來說說,到底什麼是真實的巴黎

1. Speak French


No matter which country you go, I think you need to speak their language, if you’re going to stay there for long term. Especially in France. If you can’t, then it’s really hard to stay there for long term. Just image that you speak English in Japan, then it will terrify them, which also in Europe.  Most of the Japanese are not good at all in English, or even Indo-European languages in general, because these are languages very different in many ways. It’s maybe even worse for mandarin and vietnamese because these are tonical languages.

An experience of mine that I will remember it forever, which I was invited to a picnic party. I went to a picnic with my French’s friend that it was pretty nice at the beginning, until a french woman who told me that ” you’re in France which you have to speak French.” Well, I have to said I was shock at that time because I didn’t expect that she will told me like that, which I feel so mean of that way.

無論你去哪個國家,如果你要長期呆在那裡,那麼你就必須說他們的語言。 特別是在法國。 如果你做不到,那麼長期待在那裡真的很難。 只需想像一下您在日本說英語,就會嚇到他們,在歐洲也是如此。 大多數日語在英語甚至總體上講甚至是印歐語系的語言上都不擅長,因為這些語言在許多方面都有很大的不同。 對於普通話和越南語來說,甚至更糟,因為它們是調性語言。

我的經歷讓我永遠銘記在心,我被邀請參加一次野餐聚會。 我和我的法國朋友一起去野餐,開始時感覺很好,直到一位法國婦女告訴我「你在法國,你必須說法語」。well,我不得不說我當下是感到非常震驚的,因為我沒想到她會這樣直接這樣當面告訴我,這個方式讓我覺得那樣有點刻薄。

2. French people, mean to your face.


As I mention on the first one, french people will mean to your face, not just like Chinese people are mean behind your back. I have to say, I’m agree with that point of mean to your face because it’s better than behind.

正如我在第一點所提到的那樣,法國人會當著你的面,對你很刻薄,而不是像大部分的人,從被會說你的壞話。 我必須說,我很同意當著你的面說出來,而不是在背地裡說著你的壞話。

3. no way to wearing high heel all day.


If you have been to Paris that you will notice many of the streets of Paris are paved with cobblestones, which there is no way you can wear high heel all day to work in Paris.


4. ancient building


With more than 2,000 years of history, Paris is an architecture enthusiast’s paradise. The city is a veritable time capsule, filled to the brim with awe-inspiring historic sites and landmarks. While many travelers can easily identify some of Paris’s most famous monuments, it takes some know-how to discern just which sites are the oldest. However, if you see this kind of standee, then you will know this building is very old.

巴黎擁有2000多年的歷史,是建築愛好者的天堂。 這座城市是名副其實的時光囊,充滿了令人敬畏的歷史遺跡和地標建築。 儘管許多旅客可以輕鬆地識別出巴黎一些最著名的古蹟,但需要一些專業知識才能分辨出哪些遺址最古老。 但是,如果您看到這種替代品,那麼你將知道這種建築非常古老。

5. The plumbing is very old


” Why isn’t there decent plumbing in French houses? ” 

What should the French do about it? Well, it’s because it takes money to have decent plumbing. That’s why so many people in France don’t have it. I guess you probably have a question which is ” I have see that the Germany have much better plumbing, Germany is also in Europe, which France also should be have it.”Well, Honestly that only because the Germans could afford it to change the new plumbing. Most French buildings are very old: it’s harder to install plumbing in an old house than in a new one.

”為什麼法國房屋中沒有像樣的管道? ”

法國人應該怎麼做? 好吧,這是因為花錢才能擁有像樣的管道。 這就是為什麼法國有這麼多人沒有的原因。 我猜你可能會有一個問題,就是「我發現德國的水管狀況要好得多,德國也在歐洲,那麼法國也應該擁有它才對」,老實說,這僅僅是因為德國人負擔得起更換新的管道。 大多數在法國建築都非常老舊:在舊房子中安裝管道比在新房子中安裝更加困難。

6. French administration is slow in processing documents


In Paris, the life style of french people is very slow, unlike the way of rush style in Taiwan, which it seems that the time has slowed down, but it has own rules and qualities. I think this is why so many people come to France was attracted by this life style. Therefore you will know that French people are really enjoy in life, which they clearly know how to separate about the rest and work, don’t need to mention about the vacation.

Just like the fifth point that I mentioned, Emily’s water pipe repairer told her that he wants to eat croissants and drink a cap of coffee. Honestly, this kind of answer does not appear in other countries. In the end, the worker told her that it would take a few days or even weeks to fix it. I guess when you hear this answer, you will think ”Why is it taking so long for fix it? It’s obviously can be all done in one time.” 

Well, as I was mentioned on the top, french people are know how to enjoy the life, which it’s why you always hear this answer. Therefore, the efficiency of the French at work, making many foreigners dumbfounded when they first arrive in France. 



就像第五點,Emily 修水管的工人居然先跟他說:他想要吃可頌、喝咖啡,這在其他國家根本不會出現這種回答,甚至是修水管修到一半停下來,跟你說他要先去吃東西,這要是發生在其他國家,絕對會立刻被翻白眼。而且最後工人還跟他說要花幾天,甚至是幾週的時間才能修好,你心裡一定會想:「這明明就是一下子就可以搞的事情,為什麼要拖這麼久?」正是因為他們太會享受,所以法國人在工作上的效率,是讓很多外國人剛到法國時會傻眼的一件事。但並不是說他們沒有效率,而是有時候需要用一些技巧逼迫他們立刻處理事情。

7. Party is party


As I have mentioned on the point 6, french people are do know how to enjoy life, which they clearly know how to separate the work and life, that’s why they are not talking about business or work in the party.

正如我在第6點提到的那樣,法國人確實知道如何享受生活,而他們也清楚地知道如何將工作與生活區分開來,這就是為什麼他們在 party 上不談論工作。

8. always stairs


Most of Paris’s building was builded in 19th century, which is very old. Therefore, they don’t have elevator at the time, but now they have more and more building have elevator. If you want to know their history, then you can read this article below.

3 things that you should know about Paris’ stairs.

巴黎的大部分建築建於19世紀,非常古老。 因此,他們當時沒有電梯,但是現在他們越來越多的建築物中有電梯。如果你想知道他們樓梯的歷史,可以看下面那篇文章。

9. different way to count floor


The floor algorithm in France is not the same as in most countries. The first floor in France is called ”Le rez-de-chaussée”, abbreviated as RDC or RC, which basically is represented by zero floor. Therefore, in most countries, the second floor is what they call the “first floor.”


法國的樓層算法和大多數國家不太一樣,法國的一樓稱作為Le rez-de-chaussée,縮寫為RDC或RC,基本上是以 0樓 來表示。而在大部分的國家的二樓才是他們所謂的「一樓」。

10. keep your eye on shit.


Many factors in the city have not allowed the elimination of the urine problem in Paris. In the first place, the French like having dogs. When they take them out for a walk, they make their “business” in light poles and trees. Not to mention that you can find dog poop on any sidewalk, this increases the bad smell of the city.

Before I arrive at Paris, I thought Paris is a very clean country, just like Japan. But actually you always can see dirty sidewalks, graffiti walls, and some shits in the road, which you have to be more careful on the street.

該市的許多因素都無法消除巴黎的尿液問題。 首先,法國人喜歡養狗。 當他們帶他們出去散步時,他們在燈桿和樹木上進行“新成代謝”。 更不用說你可以在任何人行道上找到狗屎,這增加了城市的惡臭。

在我到達巴黎之前,我以為巴黎就像日本一樣,是一個非常乾淨的國家。 但是實際上,你總是可以看到骯髒的人行道,塗鴉牆和道路上的一些狗屎,所以在大街上你還是要多小心一些。

11. you have to be more careful when you press the password of the front door.


In Paris, you have to be more careful when you press the password on the front door. On my experience, one time I was get back to my place with roommate and we found out there is a weird people who sitting beside the front door, which we’re more careful when we press the password. Because that weird people probably will peek our password and get into inside.

Another time, when we are going to press the password on the front door, we found out someone who just walked very slowly and looking for something, which I stop the action of press the password. And then, that people who told us, don’t worry I just pass by, but I totally understand why you alert to me.

As stated above, do you understand why you should be more circumspect when you press the password on the front door in Paris?

在巴黎,按前門的密碼時必須格外小心。 我自己的親身經驗,有一次我和室友回到住所時,我們發現前門旁坐著一個奇怪的人,所以我們在按下密碼時會更加小心。 因為那個奇怪的人可能會偷看我們的密碼並進入內部。 

還有一次,當我們要在前門按下密碼時,我們發現有人走得很慢,正在尋找東西,我停止了按下密碼的動作。 然後,那些告訴我們的人不要擔心我只是路過,但我完全理解你為什麼對我保持警惕。


12. Your bag cannot be placed on the chair.


In Paris, you never ever can’t put your bag on the chair that next to you.

Paris is known for its glamour, its cuisine, its romance, and of course, its fashion. Unfortunately, it is also known for its pickpockets that is why you can’t put your bag on the chair, which you should put your bag on your leg when you sit down.

there are 16 notices you have to know in Paris, which is the article that I have wrote.

16 notices you have to know in Paris

巴黎以魅力,美食,浪漫以及時尚而聞名。 不幸的是,它還以扒手而聞名,這就是為什麼你不能將包放在椅子上的原因,當你坐下時,應該將包放在腿上。


13. You can't do facetime on the street


As I have mentioned on the point 12 that Paris is a country that known for pickpockets, which there is no way that you can’t take your phone to facetime on the street. Honestly, it’s impossible. lol

正如我在第12點所提到的那樣,巴黎是一個以扒手聞名的國家,所以絕不可能你拿著你的手機在街上做facetime。 老實說,這是不可能的,因為你的手機一下子就會不見了。 xd

14. bread is awesome.


Paris’s bread is awesome.

Even visitors who aren’t terribly food-oriented could not fail to be enthralled by the first encounter with a traditional Parisian bakery and its tempting, beautifully presented breads, cakes, tarts and other goods.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of bread, but I was shocked by the paris’s bread, which I have to say it’s awesome, making me only eat bread in Paris. lol



老實說,我不是一個喜歡吃麵包的人,但是我對巴黎的麵包感到震驚,不得不說它真的很棒,讓我完全只在巴黎吃麵包。 xd

What else?

The smell on the metro.

“You ride on the subway and the smell almost knocks you out. Garlic, sweat — and perfume!”

You smell garlic because the French, who are superb cooks, use more of it than we do. You smell sweat because the French must use a very poor ersatz soap — and don’t get enough of that. You smell perfume because French women would rather smell of perfume than of an unwashedness which they dislike as much as you do. 

“你乘坐地鐵時,味道真的會讓你受不了。 大蒜,汗水和香水!”

你聞到大蒜的味道是因為法國人,他們是高超的廚師,比我們更多地使用大蒜。 你聞到了汗水的味道,因為法國人必須使用非常糟糕的eratz肥皂。 你聞到香水的味道是因為法國女性寧願聞到香水而不是臭味。。

15. Pee Bok

Paris Pee Box: The Origins
In the nineteenth century in Paris, public urinals were the first places where homosexuals were feeling free to express themselves. Also, they become a space where resistance forces exchanged secret messages undetected by the enemy.

The Parisian society called these boxes “pissers” or “vespasiennes” at that time and were placed on the sidewalks to meet the natural needs of men. They existed in the city of Paris from 1834 until the penultimate decade of the twentieth century, specifically until 1984.

In 1980 a change of direction in the rules of hygiene in Paris made these urinals disappear. However, the culture of urinating in the street remained in the subconscious of the Parisian. So did the smell of pee in the streets of Paris.

This is according to France travel blog.


巴黎社會當時將這些盒子稱為“小便鬥”或“ vespasiennes”,它們被放置在人行道上以滿足男性的自然需求。從1834年到20世紀倒數第二個十年,特別是到1984年,它們一直存在於巴黎市。

1980年,巴黎衛生規則的改變使這些小便池消失了。 但是,在街上小便的文化仍然存在於巴黎人的潛意識中。 巴黎街頭的尿尿味道也是如此。


Many people that are visiting Paris and walking the streets of the French capital expect many things. Unfortunately, the smell of pee shouldn’t be one of them.

The fact the French law says that public urination is a crime has not stopped the average citizen. Almost all places in Paris smell like urine, avenues, alleys, squares, monuments, walkways of subway stations, among others. Wherever you are, the smell of urine will chase you.

許多訪問巴黎並在法國首都的街道上走的人都期待著很多事情。 不幸的是,撒尿的氣味不應該是其中之一。法國法律說,公共小便是一種犯罪,這一事實並沒有阻止普通公民。 巴黎幾乎所有地方都聞起來像尿液,大街,小巷,廣場,紀念碑,地鐵站的人行道等。 無論你在哪,尿液的氣味都會追逐你。

This 15 point is I think what’s the real Paris. I hope you’re enjoy it and have a nice day 🙂

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