outfit : all black 80s style

80s Style

Do you love vintage style?

When it comes to fashion, minimalism has been the go-to look for some time now, to be honest, I am also a fan of minimalism, but there’s currently a change in the air. Perhaps feeling a little bored with all those simplistic styles recently, which designers and style stars alike have brought forward a new wave of maximal fashion that appears straight from the ’80s.

Big shoulders, pearl and plenty of statement styles are making fashion fun once again. when I was young, I was affected by my mom‘s wardrobe because I found lots of big shoulders style of blazer that I love it in the first sight, which that is a reason of why I love 80’s fashion.

I believe that black, pearl, big shoulders are the perfect for creating exciting and eye-catching outfits, this ’80s fashion trend promises to infuse your wardrobe with a new and glamorous sense of style. all black with details.

Also the belt is the most important point on this outfit that it’s the way to show my waist line on my all black suit. all black with beautiful belt.

The details:

1. As I said before, the belt definitely is the one of the point on this outfit.

2. Another point is chain with glasses that makes me more like 80s style.



我相信黑色、珍珠、大肩膀是製作令人興奮和引人注目的服裝的完美之選,這個80年代的時尚潮流有望為你的衣櫥注入新的迷人風格。all black with details.

另外腰帶是這件衣服上最重要的一點,它是在我的全黑色西裝上展示我的腰線的方式。all black with beautiful belt.




What am I wearing?


Blazer :  Émffei

Pants : buy it in Seoul 

Earring : buy it in Seoul

glasses :  Émffei

Belt : from my wardrobe.

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