outfit : all black with beautiful belt.

do you like all black outfit?

Are you a person who love black? and also love to wear all black in daily outfit?
Well, I have to say that black color is always my first choose when I pick the clothes, which I easy to wear all black of my daily outfit and I believe that so many people would do the same thing like me. lol However, just because there are plenty of jet-black ensembles populating the pavements it doesn’t mean they’re automatically great. Every girl with a fashion pulse—espically you who read my article of my daily outfit knows all too well that the success of a black outfit lies in the details.

Although I wore the all black outfit again, I made a great detail on this one. As you can see, not only the pearl belt is the best point, but also the pearl earrings. If you did read my article, you known that i obsessed on the vintage style, which you can see that I love pearl stuff recently. oh!!! also this skirt that I really like it which it’s a special design on it. Do you get your perfect midi skirt


不得不說,每當我挑選衣服時,黑色總是我的第一選擇,所以我很容易穿上全黑的穿搭。我相信很多人會像我一樣做同樣的事情。!然而就算你在街上能看見很多人穿著全黑的穿搭,這並不意味著它們會自動變好。 每個擁有時尚脈搏的女孩 – 特別是你讀我的每日穿搭文章的人都非常清楚黑衣服的成功在於細節。

這套雖然我又穿了全黑的穿搭,但我在這套上做了一些小細節。 正如您所看到的,不僅珍珠帶是最佳點,還有珍珠耳環也是一個重點。 如果你讀過我的文章,你就知道最近我迷戀於復古風格,所以能常常看見珍珠出現在我的穿搭上。 哦!!! 這件裙子我真的很喜歡它,它是一個特殊的設計。 可以看看這篇文章-do you have perfect midi-skirt

What am I wearing?


All come from :  Émffei


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