Outfit : classy faux fur coat

faux fur coat.

What could be more cozy and trendy for winter style than a soft and cuddly faux fur coat? I used to don’t know faux fur coat is more warmer than coat until this time that I wearing it. I believe some of you don’t know how to dressing the faux fur coat. Allow me to demonstrate for you with simple matching.

this winter by taking an attention-grabbing approach to monotone dressing. While everyone around you is dressed in layers of black, brown, and beige, you’ll be turning heads in an other colors. Or you can choose three of conservative colors. However, I chose to wearing all black style inside to matched brown faux fur coat.

How do I match it?

1. Although I wearing all black inside, I using accessories to makes it different. Such as a necklace. 

2. In order to have a image of killer legs that I wearing the over-the-knee boots to matching high-waist jeans to get a perfect ratio.

3. However, so as to not to be dull, I using the white belt to show my body ratio.

還有什麼比柔軟可愛的人造皮草大衣更適合冬季風格的呢? 我以前不知道人造皮草大衣比大衣更溫暖,直到這一次我穿上為止。 我相信你們中的一些人不知道該如何打扮人造皮草大衣。 請允許我通過簡單的匹配為您演示。

今年冬天,採用引人注目的方法進行單調敷料。 當您周圍的每個人都穿著黑色,棕色和米色的衣服時,您將以其他顏色轉頭。 或者,您可以選擇三種保守的顏色。 但是,我選擇在裡面穿全黑風格,以搭配棕色的人造皮草大衣。


1.儘管我全身穿黑色衣服,但我還是使用配件使其與眾不同。 如項鍊。



What am I wearing?


Top : from my wardrobe 

Jeans : Zara

Over-the-knee-boots : Zara

Sunglasses : Spring


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