Outfit : dress of french style

do you love french style ?

You may wonder why we always hear about French girl style, and not Spanish style, or some other country’s style. Well, the answer to this question lies in France’s rich history of fashion culture.

What do you think about ” French Style ” ?

Actually I think french style is hard to define, but if I had to, I’d say it’s about effortless elegance. Elegance is an important point on french style. It’s looking put together, without looking like you tried too hard or spent hours in front of the mirror. It’s confidence in what you wear and, of course, who you are.

However, that point is also in dress, this one is a dress that I really like it. For design, I love the way it show my waist very nice and the sleeve is puff design, which it’s kinda 80’s style. If you are the same as me an obsessed in vintage style, you might will like it too.

相信你會很好奇,為什麼人們總是說法國女孩的風格,而不是西班牙風格,或其他一些國家的風格。 其實答案很簡單,因為時尚文化歷史的起源就是在。

那妳怎麼想”French Style”?

其實,我認為法國風格很難定義,但如果要我說的話,我會說這是關於輕鬆的優雅。 優雅絕對是法式風格的重點,然而輕鬆事你看起來,沒有太多努力再搭配或在鏡子前呆了幾個小時。

而這一件洋裝,是我近期最愛的一款。其實我以前是個從不穿洋裝的人,但自從開始接觸復古的風格後,我深深著迷在 80、90年代的風格。 這件裙子的設計,我喜歡它收腰的設計,完整地將我的腰線顯示出來外,在袖子的地方是80年代的泡泡袖!


What am I wearing?


Dress : Émffei

Earring : bought it from korea


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