Outfit : Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year

 Chinese New Year is synonymous with three things: the color red, fireworks and stuffed bellies. In the lead up to the festival, you will be encompassed in a maze of red stuff – decorations, gifts, wall hangings, lanterns and of course red envelopes.

Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year.

If you have read my article of Happy Lunar New Year, you will know the red color is symbolize lucky in Chinese, which why today I wore the red coat. Actually red color is also one of my favorite color which you can see that show up on my outfit sometimes.

如果你有閱讀了我的“農曆新年快樂”文章,你就會知道紅色在台灣是代表幸運,這也是為什麼今天我穿紅色外套的原因。 實際上,紅色也是我最喜歡的顏色之一,所以你有時會看到它出現在我的穿搭上。

The details & How do I dressing up:

This outfit is all black style inside, the dress that I was wearing inside is a tight-fitting dress with style that I can show a little bit my shoulder and split design. Split skirts are the best way to show just the right amount of skin. They are chic and modern, and the peek-a-boo glances of legs underneath give a hint of sexiness. However, I don’t want this outfit is boring, I matching with a special necklace and pair of pearl earrings.

5 tips that you should know when you wearing all-black style.


這套穿搭裡面全是黑色風格,因為大衣是紅色的,所以我盡可能穿著單一顏色,而裡頭的洋裝是緊身連衣裙,風格有點我可以展現我的肩膀和開叉設計。 分叉裙擺是顯示適量皮膚的最佳方法。 它們既時尚又現代,下面的雙腿露出一眼,給人一種性感的感覺。 然而,我不希望這套衣服很無聊,我會搭配一條特殊的項鍊和一對珍珠耳環。


Sunglasses : GentleMonster

Earrings : Émffei

Bag : Dior

Skirt : Émffei

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