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Women in suit.

Suits are no longer just for men anymore. Today, suits are becoming more and more popular with women which is why it should come as no surprise to you to see more of these in a workplace dominated by the ladies. However, the suit is not just for the office, at least not to the fashionista. The suit is a piece that you can wear just about anywhere.

西裝不再只適合男人。 如今,西服在女性中越來越受歡迎,這就是為什麼在女士們占主導地位的工作場所看到更多西服就不足為奇的原因。 但是,這套西裝不僅適合辦公室,至少不適合時尚達人。 這件衣服幾乎可以在任何地方穿。

The details & How do I dressing up:

For a surefire way to add a street style vibe to your suit, that I ditch the shirt like the celebs do on the red carpet, which add my own sexy twist to a suit and see it go from being a work wardrobe staple to a street style must have.

If you want to be look more sexy, then you have to opt for shorts instead of trousers and go for an oversized blazer and wear it like a dress, but I think that would be too sexy for me, which I only ditch the shirt. lol

I pace myself going into the week, so for my first outfit I went with black shorts and a white shirt. This ended up being one of my favorite looks because of how simple and easy it was, while still being a deviation from my usual style.

However, I using the belt to show my waistline on this oversize blazer. In the end, I wearing the exaggerated earrings to match this red sunglasses.


為了確保在西裝上增加街頭風格的氛圍,我像紅地毯上的名人一樣拋棄了襯衫,這給西裝增添了我的性感風情,使它從成為工作衣櫃的主角變成了街頭 風格必須有。


但是,我用皮帶在這件超大西裝外套上露出腰圍。 最後,我戴著誇張的耳環來搭配這款紅色太陽鏡。

What am I wearing?

Blazer :  Zara

Earrings : Zara

Belt : from my closet.

Sunglasses : GentleMonster 

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