Outfit : Never get tired with all black

always all black

If you don’t know how to wear your outfit today, the all-black style is definitely a good choice for you. In fact, I really like the all-black style, for it can be cool, elegant, and even a little bit sexy, which the all-black style represents that allow you to wear a completely different style. I think you may have read the articles I wore in all black style, some of them are elegant or retro; however, today I want to try a cool style.

How to make an all-black-outfit interesting

outfit : all black 80s style

outfit : all black with beautiful belt.

Outfit : All black with details.

How to wear all black without losing your style.


The details & How do I dressing up:

Today I want this outfit to be casual and cool, so I wearing my favorite black leather jacket. As usual, for the body ratio that I wearing the high-waist vintage black jeans, which it’s really show up so many times on my You know some piece of items, you can wear it over and over again that you love it.

According to the rule of accessories that I said before, I wear a necklace and a pair of pearl earring, to let my outfit do not to monotonous.

Outfit : The ultimate black leather jacket.

Outfit : leather is everything.

如果你今天不知道怎麼穿搭,那麼全黑的風格絕對是你的好選擇。 實際上,我真的很喜歡全黑的風格,因為它可以酷、優雅,甚至還可以些性感。表示全黑的風格可以讓你穿出完全不同的風格。 我想你可能讀過我穿著全黑風格的那些文章,其中有些是優雅或複古的; 但是,今天我要嘗試炫酷的風格。



今天,我希望這套衣服既休閒又酷,所以我穿著我最喜歡的黑色皮夾克。 像往常一樣,對於我穿高腰老式黑色牛仔褲的身體比例,它確實在我的衣服上出現了很多次。你知道有一些東西,你可以一次又一次地重複穿上它,因為你真的很喜歡它 。


What am I wearing?

high-waist black jeans :  Zara

Bag : Saint Laurent

Sunglasses : Gentle Monster

Leather jacket : from my closet.


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