Outfit : you can’t live without leather


Although spring is coming, still a little bit cold in Paris, which I still need to wear turtle necks. lol. However, I think you can wear leather stuff in any season, except the summer. So you don’t have to put the leather pants / skirt into your wardrobe now.

The details & How do I dressing up:
1. For this cold weather, I wear the-over-knee booties to feel a little bit warm for my legs.
2. I choose this high-waist leather skirt to match the-over-knee booties for get a perfect proportions. I really love this leather skirt, which there are pleated design on the bottom and the waist part have a belt. The most important is A-line style that I can modified my leg line to be more straight.

3. Inside I wear all black style to match my white coat. So I using necklace to match the black turtle necks for not to be monotony. If I don’t using a necklace, I will look like I don’t have neck. lol

儘管春天來了,但在巴黎我仍然覺得還是有點寒冷,所以我還是繼續穿高領。 其實,我認為皮製單品,你可以在任何季節(夏天除外)。 因此,你現在還不必將皮褲/裙子放到衣櫃裡。

細節 & 我如何搭配:


2.我選擇這款高腰皮裙搭配我的過膝靴,讓我擁有大長腿的形象。老實說,我真的很喜歡這件皮裙,底部除了有百褶設計外,腰部還有皮帶! 最重要的是,他是A字款式,使我的雙腿線修更加筆直一些。

3.大衣裡面,我以全黑風格去搭配我的白大衣。 所以我用項鍊搭配黑色高領衫,以免讓我看起來很單調。而且!如果我不用項鍊,我會看起來沒有脖子的人。 

What am I wearing?


Sweater : from my wardrobe

Sunglasses : Gentle Monster

Coat : Émffei

Necklaces : ChromHearts

Black bowler hat : from my wardrobe.

Skirt : Zara

The over-knee botties : Zara


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