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Fashion photographer

Fashion photography is the definition of vibrance.

In the fashion industry, photographer is an important part, which all the glitz and glamour is influenced by thousands of famous fashion photographers. They capture the beauty of clothes, people, and the locations surrounding them.

However, it also aroused my interest in photography, that I start to learn some knowledges of photography and camera with my teacher from three months ago. But now I’m too busy on other things as result of I don’t have time to continue learning about photography. Although I don’t have time to keep learning it, I still using my Iphone to record any beauty moment.

However, I want to share some of awesome fashion photographer with you guys and move some fantastic photography into there from my phone. lol


在時裝界,攝影師是重要的一環,所有的浮華和魅力都受到成千上萬名著名時裝攝影師的影響。 它們捕捉衣服,人以及周圍位置的美麗。

但是,這也引起了我對攝影的興趣,從三個月前開始與老師一起學習攝影和照相機的一些知識。 但是由於沒有時間繼續學習攝影,現在我在其他事情上太忙了。 儘管我沒有時間繼續學習,但我仍然使用 Iphone記錄任何美麗時刻。


Pamela Hanson

Pamela Hanson is one of the first women to succeed in fashion photography.

With over 20 years of experience, she has become an irreplaceable part of the photography community.

How does this journey started it?

I went to university in Colorado and studied art history. I did some photography classes there, although it felt really pretentious. But then, I fell in love with a guy who was 10 years older than I was and so I went to work in Boston in a photo gallery. There, I met a fashion photographer and I was like, ‘What’s a fashion photographer? How do I do that?’ He told me to assist and I realized that was a way to make money instead of waiting tables, so I started assisting. 

I was earning under minimum wage, I was so skinny because I’d just eat like a pear every day. But I started testing models, and then I went to visit a friend in Paris, fell in love with Arthur Elgort’s work and started assisting him. A lot of my friends at the time were models and I just started documenting my life there. Arthur told me to keep the photos, that they were good…the rest is history! I just went door-to-door at magazines, saying ‘Give me a job. Give me a job. Give me a job.’ I think the art directors felt sorry for me. Then, Marie Claire had a cancellation and asked me to come back the next day, for a 10-page beauty story. I guess that was my breakthrough.

Pamela Hanson 是首批在時尚攝影界獲得成功的女性之一。




我當時的收入低於最低工資標準,所以我太瘦了,因為我每天都只吃梨子。但是我開始測試模型,然後去巴黎拜訪一位朋友,愛上了亞瑟·艾爾格特(Arthur Elgort)的工作,並開始為他提供幫助。當時我的很多朋友都是模特,我才開始記錄自己的生活。亞瑟告訴我要保留照片,它們很好,其餘就是歷史!我剛到雜誌上挨家挨戶說:“給我一份工作。給我一份工作。給我一份工作。我認為藝術總監為我感到難過。然後,瑪麗·克萊爾(Marie Claire)取消了行程,並要求我第二天回來,寫一個長達10頁的美女故事。我想那是我的突破。

She has published 3 books, all of which focus on human beauty.

Her photos are bright, emphasize her models’ natural skin textures, and have a beautiful, candid feel to them.

In September of 2001, Pamela Hanson released Girls, a 200+ page photo book filled with personal and professional work, color and black and white images, which has had worldwide success. She released her second book, Boys, in the spring of 2006. Her most recent book Private Room, a series of nude and semi-nude photographs of 8 different women photographed at Lafayette House between 2012 and 2014, was released in the Fall of 2017 as a celebration of female beauty and confidence.



2001年9月,Pamela Hanson發行了200多頁的寫真集《女孩,裡面充滿了個人和專業作品,彩色和黑白圖像,並在世界範圍內獲得了成功。 她於2006年春季發行了第二本書《男孩》。她的最新著作《私人房間》是在2012年至2014年間在拉斐特故居拍攝的8位不同女人的一系列裸照和半裸照,於2017年秋季發行。 以慶祝女性的美麗和自信。

InStyle US February 2020 cover

Style - Nature fashion

“I think that’s the hardest thing to do as a photographer in the long run: To stay true to your own vision,” says Hanson. “First you’re the new, hot, young thing everybody wants, and next you’re ‘Oh not her again, let’s find someone new.’ In those times, I think it’s important to remember what you’re really good at.

說:從長遠來看,我認為這是做攝影師最困難的事情:要忠於自己的視野。首先,你是每個人都想要的新人,炙手可熱的年輕事物。其次,他們會說:喔不,不要再是她了,我們找到一個新的朋友。在那些時候,我認為重要的是要記住自己真正擅長的領域。 ”

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