[ Restaurant ] Local food – Quán Khuya in Ho Chi Minh

Quán Khuya

I will know this restaurant is because a local friend took us to have lunch in here. When I went to other country, I always excited that I can try their local food. As you may know the most famous local food in Vietnam is PHO, but there are so many different local food in Vietnam, which if you have chance to visit Ho Chi Minh, I recommend you to try this local food in Quán Khuya. Quán Khuya is a restaurant where the local people love it, that so many people will come to here for having dinner with their friend.

[ Restaurant ] Pho – Phở Lệ in Ho Chi Minh

我會知道這家餐廳是因為當地的朋友帶我們去這裡吃午餐。 當我去另一個國家時,我總是很興奮能嘗試他們的當地美食。 你可能知道越南最著名的當地美食是PHO,但是越南有太多不同的當地美食,如果您有機會參觀胡志明市,我建議你嘗試在 Quán Khuya的當地美食。 Quán Khuya 是當地人喜歡的餐廳,所以很多人會來這里和他們的朋友一起吃晚餐。

You know, an excellent local restaurants are usually hidden in small alleys, which the Quán Khuya is no exception.

你知道嗎?在當地很厲害的餐廳,通常都藏匿在小巷子裡,Quán Khuya 也不例外。

circumstance & ambience

Are you a person who likes different cultures?

Every time I go abroad, I like to experience some local culture so that I can learn different things. Although the decoration of this restaurant does not look particularly powerful or exquisite, it still retains their simple Vietnamese culture.





The noodles are very springy, and the soup is also very sweet, which makes me have an aftertaste. Next time I have the opportunity to go to Ho Chi Minh again, I will definitely visit this store again. Afteer I observe their Facebook, I find they have A popular dish, that made me think ”next time I come, I must order it to taste.”

他的麵條非常的Q彈,湯頭也很鮮甜,讓我回味無窮,下次再有機會再去胡志明,我一定會再來光顧這家店,觀察了一下他們家的 Facebook,發現他們家有一道人氣很高的料理,讓我心想:下次來,一定要點他,來品嚐看看。

These two meals, I wanna try it next time. Actually, these are the meals that our local friend want us to try, unfortunately it was sold out at that time!!!

這兩道料理,我想下次一定要嘗試看看。 實際上,這兩道是我們當地朋友希望我們嘗試的料理,不幸的是,那時候賣完了。


*Telephone :  +84 90 912 74 62

*Address : (Khuya )233/18 nguyễn trãi

*Hours : Monday – Sunday 11 a.m. – 14 p.m. / 16:30 p.m. – 24:30 a.m.

*Facebook :

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