Runway – Chanel Spring 2023 Haute Couture

Runway – Chanel Spring 2023 Haute Couture

To be honest, after watch Chanel haute couture show, I’m not very into this show, because all I thinking about is circus! But you know this is runway which we can see the designer’s creativity and the story that the designer want to tell through the show


What could a conceptual camel be doing at Chanel couture?

This puzzle—the first sight to greet the audience as they walked in, which at the beginning you can see the model flipped along in their short, flared suits with the odd top hat and bow tie, shop in little white cross-laced boots with Chanel’s signature black-tipped toes.


這個謎題——觀眾走進來時第一個映入眼簾的景象,一開始你可以看到模特穿著喇叭形的短西裝,戴著奇怪的禮帽和領結,穿著白色交叉繫帶的小靴子, 香奈兒標誌性的黑尖腳趾。

However you still can see the varieties of abbreviated, gilded Chanel tweeds: a short trapeze coat, de-frumpified box-pleated skirts cut as minis, and then a tiny sugar-pink coat-dress with a stand-away collar. It was a bit ’60s Mod maybe, but not too obviously.

I more like the waist line is high, because I don’t have a perfect model shape, which I need to emphasize my high waiste line that can show my legs more longer.

然而,您仍然可以看到各種簡約的鍍金香奈兒粗花呢:短款梯形大衣、剪裁成迷你裙的去褶皺盒形百褶裙,以及帶有立領的小巧糖粉色外套連衣裙。 可能有點 60 年代的 Mod,但不是太明顯。



I’m confused when the white gloves show up in here, because it let me think of waiters who holding the plate. lol



About shoes, I only like the one that white cross-laced boots with Chanel’s signature black-tipped toes. The golden one I never try it before, so I’m not sure does it fit for me? I’ve tried the skin color that’s not good on me, because I’m Asian even though I’m whiter than other.

關於鞋子,我只喜歡那雙帶有香奈兒標誌性黑尖頭的白色交叉繫帶靴子。 金色的我從來沒有嘗試過,所以我不確定它是否適合我? 我試過不適合我的膚色,因為我是亞洲人,儘管我比其他人更白。

bow tie

I never thought that the bow tie is good on the female until watch the show. I’m not very like it when I saw it first sight, but I’ve changed my mind after I’ve seen it more times, which maybe one day I probably will wearing it on my outfit.

直到看了節目,我才覺得領結對女性有好處。 第一眼看到它的時候我不是很喜歡它,但是在我看到它更多次之後我改變了主意,也許有一天我可能會把它配在我的穿搭上。

Proceeding “not too obviously” might actually be Viard’s motto. So it was, when the collection switched from short and sweet daywear to long and slim evening. Within this sequence, there was a chic, neat, parma-violet short sleeved tweed coat, worn with white leather opera gloves, and long, body-skimming dresses in tiny polka dots, and black or white lace.

「不要太明顯」可能是 Viard 的座右銘。 就是這樣,當這個系列從短而甜美的日裝轉變為長而修身的晚裝時。 在這一系列中,有一件別緻、整潔的帕爾馬紫羅蘭色短袖粗花呢外套,搭配白色歌劇皮手套,還有飾有小圓點和黑色或白色蕾絲的貼身長裙。

Designer well knows how to conjure up the magic of the couture ateliers to make pieces that look like snowy, frothy whipped cream which you can see those elements in this collections.


see-through style

See through style is the way that I think it’s more attractive than others, which I know this style still will be popular in the season once I’ve seen it in the runway.


my favorite 5 looks

This show is not hard to find my favorite top 5 looks! I more like simple, classy and feminine style. How about you? What’s your top 5 looks of Chanel haute couture.

這次的秀不難找到我最喜歡的前 5 名造型! 我更喜歡簡單、優雅和女性化的風格。 你呢? 你最喜歡的 5 款 Chanel 高級定制時裝造型是什麼?

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