Outfit : Polka Dot skin-shirt blouse with pink

To be honest, I’m not a fan of pink, even kinda hate it when I was little. When I was in high school I have a friend who obsessed with pink, no matter when I saw her, she always wearing a piece of items of pink. Also my mom is a little fan of pink, she always bought pink clothes for me when I was a little girl. Because she think pink is for girl…Hey mom, do you know now is 21 century? And even before of history, not every girl always wear in pink!


Vintage high-waist jeans

There’s one piece of clothing every fashion girl owns. It’s not a dress from an of-the-moment brand or a designer bag or—it’s vintage denim. and yes, you’ll find at least one pair of vintage jeans in their closets including me.

Vintage jeans are a classic standby, but they are definitely having a moment right now. Rigid denim with a high rise and straight legs are winning out over other styles like skinny jeans.