[ Attraction ] 2 places that you can see The Best Sunset in Santorini, Greece.

The best sunset ever

Are you prefer sunrise or sunset?

The answer of mine definitely is sunset. Let’s talk about sunrise first, A sunrise, its so crisp and fresh for the eyes, but not everyone will wake up earlier for watch it, except the first day of the year. Because that’s totally different meaning. In the first day of the year, some people will climbing to the top of the mountain for catch the first eyes of sunrise, and the same time, they will pray for having the better future in the new year.

If you say the sunrise is when you wake and are ready to enjoy the beautiful day , sunset is so very beautiful especially in a romantic setting, love the colors of them too, not one is ever the same either. So why am I love sunset? Except for the romantic setting, I really love to enjoy it after work. The biggest reason that I love sunset is sometimes I will cleaning my mind after the busy day off and sitting the bench of park to enjoy the moment as well as watching the sunset.  



我的答案肯定是日落。 讓我們先談談日出,日出是如此清脆清新,但除了一年的第一天,並不是每個人都會早起觀看它。 因為那是完全不同的意思。 在新年的第一天,有些人會爬到山頂上,以欣賞日出的第一眼,同時,他們也會祈禱在新的一年中擁有更好的未來。

如果你說日出是在醒來並準備享受美麗的一天時,那麼日落尤其是在浪漫的環境中是如此美麗,也喜歡它們的顏色,也不會一樣。 那我為什麼愛日落? 除了浪漫的環境,我真的很喜歡下班後享受它。 我熱愛日落的最大原因是,有時在忙碌了一天之後,我會清理思緒,坐在公園的長椅上,一邊享受片刻,一邊欣賞日落。

Nothing keeps us from being captivated by the sheer beauty of a sunset, especially a Greek sunset.

If you go to Greece for travel, then you have to go to Santorini for watch sunset. It is said that Santorini’s sunsets are among the most sought-after phenomena in the world. Whether you believe it or not, there is no denying that viewing the sun set in Santorini spectacular. I would tell you that Santorini was one of I have seen the most beautiful sunset.

如果你去希臘旅行,則必須去聖托里尼島觀看日落。 據說聖托里尼島的日落是世界上最受歡迎的現象之一。 無論你信不信,你絕對不會否認在聖托里尼島上欣賞壯觀的日落。 我會告訴你聖托里尼島是我見過的最美麗的日落之一。

Which place is the best location to see sunset in Santorini ?

I recommend 2 places that you have to go


1. Ammoudi Bay

You can choose a tiny picturesque port at the foot of Oia or you can just stay in the villa to watching it as I did, Ammoudi is connected to Oia via narrow steps. It is definitely one of the most picture-perfect spots in Santorini. While you may have to book a table at one of the few fish taverns at the harbor, this little forgotten spot ensures you will see the whole sunset from a great viewpoint.

如果你去希臘旅行,則必須去聖托里尼島觀看日落。 據說聖托里尼島的日落是世界上最受歡迎的現象之一。 無論你信不信,你絕對不會否認在聖托里尼島上欣賞壯觀的日落。 我會告訴你聖托里尼島是我見過的最美麗的日落之一。

2. Red Beach

The Red beach is one of the most scenic and interesting beaches on the island. In the time of sunset there are countless sunset cruises from which you can enjoy the magnificent sunset Santorini is so famous for. Usually beginning in the afternoon, sunset cruises may include a few stops along the coast and end with a vantage point view by the volcanic islets.


紅海灘是島上最美麗,最有趣的海灘之一。 在日落時分,你可以欣賞無數日落巡遊,欣賞聖托里尼島著名的壯麗日落。 通常在下午開始,日落巡航可能包括沿著海岸的幾站,並以火山小島的有利視角結束。

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