The Grove – Yerba Buena

The Grove – Yerba Buena

The Grove - Yerba Buena

That day I went to an art gallery in the morning and I planed to a resturant to having breakfast after visited it, which I’ve google it before. However I was on my way to the breakfast shop, saw this one was looking pretty good which made me walked into see their menu. In the end I decided to having breakfast in there.

那天我早上去了一家美術館,參觀完後我打算去一家餐廳吃早餐,我之前用谷歌搜索過。 然而我在去早餐店的路上,看到這個看起來很不錯,這讓我走進去看看他們的菜單。 最後我決定在那裡吃早餐。

The vibe is really fun and the decor is creative, which is a great quaint place. I liked the wood interior.


I more prefer the indoor area that is spacious and comfortable; the outdoor seat is unfortunately not great because there is a smell outside (not their fault, this is a San Francisco problem).

我更喜歡寬敞舒適的室內區域; 不幸的是室外座位不是很好,因為外面有氣味(不是他們的錯,這是舊金山的問題)。

Every detail of decorations are pretty nice.


For me, the price is within a reasonable scope.


Order and pay at the counter, find your seat, they serve it to you at your table. 


Dish - Breakfast special

I had the breakfast special which was 2 poached eggs, bacon, toast and yummy rosemary hash browns. I am every bite and wanted more afterward because it was incredibly delicious. Would recommend and look forward to returning in the future. 

我點了特色早餐,有 2 個荷包蛋、培根、吐司和美味的迷迭香薯餅。 我咬了一口,之後還想要更多,因為它非常美味。 會推薦並期待將來回來。


It's a perfect spot for breakfast downtown!

breakfast 9/10

seat 9/10

Customer service 8/10

Price 7/10

Nice drinks and quick service. A bit pricey for what it was but very tasty.

早餐 9/10

座位 9/10

服務 8/10

價格 7/10

美味的飲料和快捷的服務。 它的價格有點貴,但非常好吃。


*Telephone :  +1 (415) 655 – 9194

*Address : 690 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105美国

*Hours : Fri – Sun 07:30 – 20:30

*Website :

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