What am I doing recently?

Recently I lost my direction

The reason why I create the MsAmanda 0 to 1 blog.

If you have read my previous article, then you may know now I working at an agency of forex, which that’s why recently I lost my direction, also I don’t know how to manage my time. Therefore, I want to apologize that I didn’t launch an article everyday.

如果你已閱讀上一篇文章,那麼你現在可能知道我在一家外匯公司工作,這就是為什麼最近我迷失了方向,也不知道如何管理自己的時間。 因此,對於每天沒有發表文章,我深表歉意。

Where my pressure from?

About the stress, I think it’s better to say that there are too many things I want to accomplish, resulting in I have more and more things accumulating. Therefore, I need to do lots of things everyday, which is why the pressure is follow me now. In addition, now I have a job at the forex agency which I don’t have time to do what I want to do, so that I don’t know how to allocate time at all, which is why I have not been able to post the article on time every day recently.

For lots of things that I have to do in a day, so I had to sacrifice my sleep time. As a result, my physical condition went wrong, that I never let my body rest. There was a clavicle The lymph nodes have not disappeared for many days, which I am getting more and more worried, so that I went to check about it. The doctor said that I have to sleep enough 8 hours a day because my body is very tired. If I don’t let my body get some rest, then even you do exercise is useless.



Experience & Goal


2016 - Graduate from university
2017 - My family got some health issue, which I stay in home for help
2018 - took Working holiday visa went to Paris for life.
2019 - create the Hsunxxi blog by wordpress
Late 2019 - change the name to Ms Amanda Is Me blog
2020 March - work at the Forex agency


2020 - Cultivate sensitivity to financial markets
Late 2020 - Got the IELTs
2021 Got the CFA license
2021 apply for the school
2022 back to Paris for the Master degree.

The action list

  • read the finance news everyday. 
  • research the investment.
  • study CFA 
  • prepare for IELTS
  • write an article everyday.
  • study French.
  • prepare the material of apply for the school.
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