What’s your summer plan?

Summer is coming.

When it comes to summer plans, many of us have had to cancel vacations, graduations, weddings and other important events. As we look to reschedule or postpone life milestones, it can be hard to plan with so much uncertainty. Some have hinted that some country may release travel restrictions as we approach the latter part of summer, after the COVID-19 may be control.

For many, the arrival of warmer weather used to be a signal that vacations were just around the corner, including me. People plan their summer trips months and even years in advance, usually without factoring in the risk of a global health crisis, even me that I was planned to go abroad for my holiday in June.

But as the novel coronavirus continues to spread, where does summer travel stand?  But as the novel coronavirus continues to spread, where does summer travel stand? Although my travel was cancel in June, fortunately I’m in Taiwan now, which I still can do some activities without any quarantine thanks for the strict control of the government. Therefore, I am going to share some new plans with you guys. 

說到夏季計劃,我們許多人不得不取消假期,畢業,婚禮和其他重要活動。 當我們希望重新安排或推遲人生里程碑時,很難計劃太多的不確定性。 有人暗示,在COVID-19可能得到控制之後,一些國家可能會在夏天接近下半年時發布旅行限制。

對於許多人來說,天氣轉暖通常預示著假期即將來臨,包括我在內。 人們通常提前數月甚至數年就計劃夏季旅行,通常不考慮全球健康危機的風險,甚至我也計劃在六月假期出國。

但是隨著新型冠狀病毒的繼續傳播,夏季旅行在哪裡? 儘管我的旅行在6月被取消,但幸運的是我現在在台灣,由於政府的嚴格控制,我仍然可以在沒有任何隔離的情況下進行一些活動。 因此,我將與你們分享一些新計劃。

1. organize the wardrobe

Summer is coming, which means the weather is gonna be super heat that it’s time to reorganize our wardrobe. We all have to get dressed every day, sometimes more than once for different activities – no wonder that without a system in place things can easily get messed up very quickly, which it’s one of my summer plan that I have to organize my wardrobe.

夏天快到了,這意味著天氣將變得炎熱,所以是時候重新整理衣櫃了。 我們每個人每天都必須穿好衣服,有時要參加不同的活動不止一次,如果沒有適當的系統,事情很容易很快就弄亂,所以我的夏季計畫之一,就是我必須重整衣櫃。

2. workout

Speaking of summer, what would you gonna think of? I guess your answer probably is beach, ocean and bikini. lol Because summer is the best season for water activities. However, for most of girl, they may want to have a perfect body that can show it in beach, which they will do some workout. For me, I don’t really care much, but I still plan to exercise. Since I haven’t exercised for half a year, I will make every effort to develop the habit of exercise for good health.

說到夏天,你會想到什麼? 我猜你的答案可能是沙灘、海洋和比基尼,因為夏天是水上活動的最佳季節。 然而,對於大多數女孩來說,他們希望擁有一個可以在海灘上展示出來的完美身材,所以會進行一些鍛煉。 對我來說,我並不太在意那些,但我仍然打算鍛煉。 因為我已經半年沒有鍛煉了,為了身體健康,我會盡一切努力養成運動的習慣。

3. outdoor activity

In fact, I am a person who love outdoor activity such like hiking, camping and picnic etc, but I used to don’t know there are so many outdoor activities in Taiwan, until this COVID-19. My friends ask me to do some activies with them.

1. hiking

Over 70% of the land in Taiwan are mountains, which Taiwan has all kinds of hiking trails to offer, whether it’s a short day trip near Taipei or an adventurous trek in Yushan, there’s something for all types of hiker. You can enjoy the nice view of Taipei City at Xiangshan, or explore the wild nature in Huang Di Dian, all base on your own preferences.

2. cycling

I think Taiwan is a cycling paradise which attracts both professional and amateur cyclists internationally. There are plenty of options including both challenging paths and casual bikeways. Anyway, cycling in Taiwan is without a doubt a lifetime experience for everyone, which I would like to try in this summer.

3. camping

The best way to rest, relax, and sleep close to the earth is camping! One of my friend want to camping during her birthday, which is good experience for her and me. I think the May is the optimal time for camping, for the summers can be too hot and steamy to endure.





4. study for CFA

The reason why I create the MsAmanda 0 to 1 blog.

If you have read this article, you may know why I create the Ms Amanda 0 to 1 blog; however, I decide to get the CFA license, which I have to make a study plan for it. If I successfully get a CFT certificate, it will be very helpful for my future; therefore, I have to study in all summer.

如果你有看過這篇文章,你可能會知道為什麼我創建了Ms Amanda 0 to 1 的部落格; 然而,我也決定考CFA,所以我必須為此制定學習計劃。 如果我成功獲得了CFT證書,那麼它將對我的未來非常有幫助; 因此,我必須整個夏天學習。

5. prepare for my application

I was planning to study master in 2020, which I have to prepare the materials I need, then I can successfully enter my ideal school in 2020 to study master’s degree.


Those are my summer plans. Have you planned for your summer? If you did, please share with me! I hope your summer is wonderful even if the vaccine hasn’t come out. But I believe the COVID-19 will disappear one day.

以上是我的夏天計畫,你有做你的夏日計畫嗎?如果有的話,歡迎跟我分享,希望你們的夏天就算有 COVID-19,也能度過一個美好的夏日。

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