Why Anna Wintour is my favorite fashion artist

The September Issue

Before I watched the movie of The Devil Wears Parada, I watched the September Issue of Anna Wintour’s documentary, which I knew Anna Wintour is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and highly influential figures in the fashion industry due to her position as the editor -in-chief of Vogue Magazine in the United States. Actually the people who played the documentary is my art teacher that she also love fashion, I mean which woman doesn’t love fashion? lol

After I watched this documentary, some ideas and dreams just pop up in my head, which I want to become the powerful woman who can influent in fashion industry as Anna Wintour.

And I believe if you’ve seen The Devil Wears Prada starring Meryl Streep and read the original novel from which the film is based upon, then chances are that you might have heard about the real-life figure that inspired the pop culture phenomenon that is Anna Wintour.



在我看《穿魔鬼的天堂》的電影之前,我看過《安娜·溫圖爾》的九月號紀錄片,我知道安娜·溫圖爾無疑是時尚界最知名,最有影響力的人物之一,因為她擔任編輯 美國《 Vogue》雜誌主編 其實那部紀錄片的演奏者是我的美術老師,她也愛時尚,我的意思是哪個女人不愛時尚? 大聲笑

看完這部紀錄片後,我的腦海裡浮現出一些想法和夢想,我想成為能像安娜·溫圖爾(Anna Wintour)一樣在時尚界產生影響的有力女人。

而且我相信,如果您看過由梅麗爾·斯特里普(Meryl Streep)飾演的《穿普拉達的惡魔》(Devil Wears Prada)並讀了電影所依據的原始小說,那麼您很可能已經聽說過現實生活中激發流行文化現象的人物。 安娜·溫圖爾(Anna Wintour)。

Love or Hate

With her distinctive signature look of a pageboy bob hairstyle and her eyes shielded by dark sunglasses, Anna Wintour is widely regarded by the press and among her peers in the industry as a champion of style and beauty. However, she has also received heavy criticism from her detractors regarding on her personality and the business strategies for the magazine she runs among other things. Do you love her? or hate her? mine is Love her, no matter what’s your answers, there’s truly no denying that Wintour reigns supreme as the fashion world’s gatekeeper, tastemaker, and power broker.


Anna Wintour憑藉其獨特的標誌性風格,如花花公子鮑勃髮型和被墨鏡遮住的眼睛,被媒體及業內同行廣泛視為時尚和美麗的擁護者。 但是,她的批評者還批評她的性格和經營她的雜誌的商業策略,這使她受到了嚴厲的批評。 你愛她嗎? 還是恨她? 我的愛人就是她,無論您的回答是什麼,都無法否認Wintour成為時尚界的看門人,品味製造者和權力經紀人至高無上

A revolutionary from the get-go

Her first US Vogue cover was so different than the norm for the magazine, that printers asked her if it was a mistake. The cover featured Israeli model Michaela Bercu wearing Guess jeans and a Christian Lacroix Hatue Couture top which is totally different than before, you can say that she is brave to make her generation for now on.


她的第一本《 VOGUE Vogue》封面與該雜誌的慣例大相徑庭,印刷商問她這是否是一個錯誤。 封面的特色是以色列模特兒Michaela Bercu穿著Guess牛仔褲和Christian Lacroix Hatue Couture上衣,與以前完全不同,可以說她很勇敢地使自己的這一代人成為現在。

woman in the long list of high school dropouts

Anna Wintour was born in London in November 2, 1949. Her love for fashion was already apparent during her youth when she frequently rebelled against the strict uniform dress codes of her school, as well as devouring countless fashion magazines that would come to hone her eye for aesthetics.

It seeemed that Anna Wintour’s inevitable career as a fashion journalist was already in her blood considering that her father was the editor and he even declared to her that she would become the editor of Vogue one day.

We’ve heard a number of stories about successful men dropping out of college or high school and working on their idea which have Steve Jobs, bill Gates, etc. However, the female part I think Anna Wintour she is the one who dropped out of London Collegiate School and she determined to make her father’s prophecy come true that she applied for fashion-related jobs and she started out as an editorial assistant for several London-based magazines.

strict and high standards

Vogue’s editor in chief has a strict daily schedule. She rises every morning at 5am, plays tennis, has her hair done by a stylist at her home, and then arrives at Vogue by 8am. She is in bed by 10:15pm every night. She limits her presence at parties at 20 minutes the most.


The cover of Vogue is arguably one of the most prestigious covers not just in the fashion world, but in the magazine world overall. And she has high standards for celebrities appearing on the cover.


Wintour’s significant contributions to fashion on a global scale has provided her with multiple career milestones. Chief among these achievements was her appointment as Conde Nast’s artistic director in 2013, which gave her greater responsibilities to manage the visual direction of Vogue’s sister publications.

I think her influence is more than those things, because her life and her work is so inspire me to do what I want or who I want to become. As her say that ” What people say isn’t going to stop me. I have to do things for myself”



安娜·溫圖爾(Anna Wintour)於1949年11月2日出生於倫敦。年輕時,她對時尚的熱愛就顯而易見了,她時常反抗她學校嚴格的著裝要求,併吞噬無數的時尚雜誌,使她眼前一亮。為了美觀。

看來安娜·溫圖爾(Anna Wintour)作為時尚記者的必然職業已在她的血液中流傳,考慮到她的父親是編輯,他甚至向她宣稱她將有一天成為《 Vogue》的編輯。

我們聽到過許多關於成功的男人輟學並致力於他們的想法的故事,這些故事包括史蒂夫·喬布斯,比爾·蓋茨等。但是,我認為女性是安娜·溫圖爾(Anna Wintour),她是其中的女性。倫敦大學學院(London Collegiate School)和她決定實現父親的預言,因為她申請了與時尚相關的工作,並開始擔任倫敦多家雜誌的編輯助理。





可以說,《 Vogue》的封面不僅在時尚界,而且在整個雜誌界都是最負盛名的封面之一。她對封面上出現的名人有很高的要求。


Wintour在全球範圍內對時尚的重大貢獻為她提供了多個職業里程碑。這些成就中最主要的是她於2013年被任命為Conde Nast的藝術總監,這賦予了她更大的責任來管理Vogue姐妹出版物的視覺方向。


Wintour says being a boss means having a strong vision while also understanding and responding to criticism. “Being a leader means making tough decisions and taking full responsibility for them,” she says.

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