You have to learn 10 things in your 20s

You have to learn 10 things in your 20s

time flies

I believe everyone have been through lots of things in 2020, which we still fight with the Covid-19 now and my 2020 also been through many things, which I don’t even know that one day I have to face it. If you want me to describe my 2020 in one word, I would say ”Tough”, but better than 2017, for my 2017 was the first year I was totally unprecedented down in the dumps, which all I can say is you actually couldn’t image what happened on me in that year, that my age only 23.

Therefore, your 20s maybe is the best time of your life, you probably will remember it when you look back in your 40s or it can be a decade of heartache and hard times ever. No matter the experience, your 20s are always a time of adventure and change. Now I am going to share 20 things that you must know to get through your 20s.

我相信每個人在2020年都經歷了很多事情,就像我們現在仍與Covid-19在對抗。而我的2020年也經歷了很多事情,我根本不知道有一天我會面對如此意想不到的事情。 如果要我用一個詞形容我的2020年,我會說「艱難」,但比2017年要好,因為2017年是我人生中的第一個低潮年,那年我只有23歲,你很難想像那些事情會發生在我身上的事情。

因此,二十多歲也許是一生中最美好的時光,當您回顧40多歲時,您可能會記得它,或者這可能是十年的心痛和艱難時期。 無論經驗如何,您的20多歲始終都是冒險和變化的時代。 現在,我將分享您20多歲時必須知道的20件事。

1. Learn to accept and love yourself first.

1. 學習接受和愛你自己

Do you truly know yourself?

Knowing yourself is understanding your strengths, your weaknesses, the way you learn, the way you work or the way you really interact with others. Believe me, no one is perfect, which you should love yourself and accept your weaknesses. Once you know what your downside is, then you should hedge it, which you have to expected to work regularly on your weaknesses to become a well rounded person and professional. If you don’t know what’s your downside, then the best effectiveness, seek the help of others to hedge your blind spots.

Your 20s are a time for discovery. Let go of anything or anyone that has no purpose or positive placement in your life.


認識自己就是了解自己的優勢,劣勢,學習方式,工作方式或與他人真正互動的方式。 相信我,沒有人是完美的,你應該愛自己並接受自己的弱點。 一旦知道自己的缺點,就應該對它進行對沖,你必須期望自己會定期處理自己的弱點,以成為一個全面的人和專業人士。 如果你不知道自己的缺點是什麼,那麼最好的方法是尋求他人的幫助來對付您的盲點。

2. It's time for you travel alone.

2. 獨自去旅行吧

Money may be tight, but your 20s are the perfect time to explore the world. Take me as an example, my character was totally different than before, after I took working holiday visa to stay in Paris for almost year. Maybe my money was tight, but I was totally falling in love the feeling travel alone, which I have been to lots of country, such as UK, US, German etc. You probably will think that I just waste my time to stay in Europe for nothing. But let me tell you something, I would never regret any decision that I made, because it was the best choose for me in that time; instead, I have learned so many things and I was aware of the goal that I really want to make.

Don’t wait. You never know where life will take you, so do the thing you want as soon as you can.
預算可能很有限,但20幾歲是探索世界的絕佳時機。 以我為例,我現在的性格跟以前是完全不同的,在24歲的那年,我用working holiday的簽證,在巴黎呆了快一年的時間後,我愛上了獨自旅行的感覺。自己一個人去了很多國家, 像是英國、美國,比利時、德國等等。或許你會認為我在歐洲只是浪費時間,但我從不會後悔我所做的任何決定,因為那個決定對當時的我來說是最好的。 相反,我學到了很多東西,並意識到了我真正想要實現的目標。 

3. Friends should make you better.

3. 朋友應該使你變得更好

Friends are relative to where you are in your life.

Most friends only stay for a period of time, usually in reference to your current interest. But when you move on, or your priorities change, so too do the majority of your friends. However, friends are supposed to make you feel good about yourself. If the people you’re hanging out with don’t, they aren’t your friends. Find people who make you a better person and spend time with them.

Build upon friendships.

Don’t be afraid to end some friendships. Fair-weather friends are not worth your time, which you should ditch your ”ambivalent friends” that made you uncomfortable, to minimize stress in your life. Stay loyal to those that truly matter and invest your time with them.

大多數朋友只在你的生命中,停留一段時間,通常是參考你當前的興趣。 然而,當你繼續前進或你的優先順序發生變化時,你身邊大多數朋友也會出現變化。 然而,朋友應該會讓你對自己感覺良好,如果你身邊的朋友並沒有讓你這樣感覺,那麼他們不是你的朋友。 尋找可以使你變得更好的人,並與他們共度時光。


不要害怕結束一些友誼。 不好的朋友不值得你浪費時間,你應該拋棄那些讓你感到不舒服的「矛盾的朋友」,以最大程度地減少生活壓力。 忠於那些真正重要的事物,並與他們共度時光。

4. Spontaneity is the sister of creativity.

4. 自發性是創造力的姐妹。

If all you do is follow the exact same routine every day, you will never leave yourself open to moments of sudden discovery. Do you remember how spontaneous you were as a child? Like you wake up at 7 AM every morning, etc. You know anything could happen at any moment.

I have read a book that talk about habits, which is ”better than before” that telling you the success is boring routine that you should do the same things every day. If you don’t know how to improve your habit, then you can read ”Atomic Habits‘’ that exactly telling you ”How to do it”.

Take care of your body.

“I wish I had taken better care of myself. Instead, I let my weight catch back up with me, I ignored a few dental problems, and I didn’t take care of my finances as well as I should have.’‘ It generally is easier to manage your weight when you’re younger because we tend to be less active as we age, Business Insider’s Erin Brodwin reports. Moreover, we may become less attuned to our bodies’ nutritional needs as we get older.


我讀過一本關於習慣的書,這本「better than before」的書告訴你成功是無聊的日常工作,你每天都應該做同樣的事情。如果你不知道如何改善習慣,則可以閱讀「原子習慣」,它會告訴你該如何做。


據《商業內幕》的艾琳·布羅德溫(Erin Brodwin)報導,由於你的年齡隨著年齡的增長而變得不那麼活躍,因此通常更容易控制體重。而且,隨著年齡的增長,我們對身體的營養需求可能會變得不太協調。

5. Don't judge others

5. 不要批評別人

People hardly realize their own mistakes; instead they strive to point out someone else’s.

Despite our best efforts, we all judge others. It might be over small things, like a co-worker who took too long of a lunch break. Or it might be over bigger issues, such as a person who behaves selfishly or hurts our feelings.

Are you sure that you know all facts about the person? Actually most of the time you have judged a situation without knowing the whole story. It is very important to hold off until you know all facts. Honestly, it’s really terrible being judged, which before you start to judge, just ask yourself how you would feel if you were judged?

People can do what they want, that’s why stop judging other people based on your own preferences.

人們很難意識到自己的錯誤; 相反,他們努力指出別人的。儘管我們盡了最大的努力,但我們都在評判其他人。 可能是因為一些極小的事,比如:同事午休時間太長等等。

你確定你知道有關這個人的所有事實嗎? 實際上,在大多數情況下,你是在不了解整個故事的情況下做判斷情況的。 老實說,被批評真的很糟糕,在你開始批評別人之前,先問問自己如果被批評會怎麼樣?


6. The only person you have to face in the morning is yourself.

6. 每天早上你要面對的人是你自己

To be honest to yourself. 

When you’re younger, it feels like you have to please the entire world. In fact, you don’t have to do it. Just be a person who will let you feel happy and create the life you want to live for yourself.

In this generation of information is developed, every one using social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc, they created a world that show people how’s their life is, but you have ask yourself, does your life really like that and do you truly love the way you are? I think the only answer is in your heart.


年輕的時候,感覺就像是要讓整個世界都滿意。 實際上,你不必這樣做,你只需要成為一個,能讓自己感到快樂並創造你想要生活就可以了。

在這一代信息的發展過程中,每個使用社交媒體(例如Instagram,Twitter,Facebook等)的人都創造了一個世界,向人們展示他們的生活,但是你要問自己,你的生活真的如此嗎? 真正喜歡你的方式嗎? 我認為唯一的答案在你心中。

7. don't compare yourself to others

7. 不需要與他人做比較

We each live our own lives.

In the social media age, it is tempting to beat yourself up if you compare yourself to others, like your friends are getting married, having kids, and living a life of luxury ect. Most of people understand the foolishness of trying to compare ourselves to others.

As humans, it is in our nature to compare ourselves to others. As I told you on the top that nobody is perfect, which everyone have their own downside; therefore, you should stop comparing yourself to others. We were not born to live their life. There is no sense wasting your energy being jealous of theirs. Instead, let’s start living your lives. Let’s determine today to be good at it. After all, you only get one shot.



作為人類,將自己與他人進行比較是我們的本性。 正如我在第一點告訴你的那樣,沒有人是完美的,每個人都有自己的缺點。 因此,你應該停止將自己與他人進行比較。 我們不是天生就過著他們的生活。 浪費你的精力嫉妒他們的精力是沒有道理的 ; 相反地,讓我們開始自己的生活吧。

8. Learn to say no with confidence.

8. 學習勇敢地說「不」吧

Treat yourself better.

Many of us struggle to say no, fearing rejection, anger or just the uncertainty of what the other person’s response will be, which you may get so used to saying yes and pleasing others that you don’t even know what you really want, or what you truly need it.

You should ask yourself ”did you really want to accept it and say yes?” If you say yes will let you feel uncomfortable, then you should say no with confidence. It’s time to make a change and treat yourself better.



你應該問自己「你是不是真的想接受它並說“好”?」如果你說“好”會讓你感到不舒服,那麼你應該坦率地說“不”。 是時候做出改變並更好地對待自己了。

9. Take more risks.

9. 冒險吧

You have to taking chances and doing what you want to do before it’s too late.

The masses are not the ones who live the lives they dreamed of living. And the reason is because they didn’t fight hard enough. They didn’t make it happen for themselves. And the older you get, and the more you look around, the easier it becomes to believe that you’ll end up the same. Just don’t fall into the trap, which don’t talk yourself out of doing things you want to do. Don’t let fear win. Therefore, just try out life in another country, or launch your business on a small scale to see how it goes. If it doesn’t work out, you can always try again.

Don’t be afraid to change the direction

Change can remind you of how much you have. Starting a new business venture or having the courage to leave an unhappy relationship can remind you that you are more resilient than you understand. When you go through change, you still value what remains constant. It is a chance to remind you that we you capable and much stronger than you think

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said: “Given a 10% chance of a 100 times payoff, you should take that bet every time.”



亞馬遜首席執行官傑夫·貝索斯(Jeff Bezos)說:“鑑於有100%的回報率有10%的機會,你應該每次都下注。”

10. Never stop to learn

10. 千萬不要停止學習

The last one is never stop to learn.

As they say, learning is a never-ending journey. From cradle to grave, we are in continuous cycle of learning new things. It is a necessary part of our life. Without learning new things, we will remain unaware of wonderful things in the world. Our sight broadens when we get the knowledge and make ourselves lifelong learners. Indeed, traditional education may not be for everyone, but learning is. Learning is about enriching our minds, honing our skills, and changing the way we see the world and ourselves. It improves our behavior and the way we think by expanding and challenging our understanding.

正如很多人所說,學習是永無止境的旅程。 從出生到死亡,我們正在不斷學習新事物,因為這是生活中必不可少的一部分。 如果不學習新事物,我們將不了解世界上的奇妙事物。 當我們獲得知識並使自己成為終身學習者時,我們的視野就會擴大。 確實,傳統教育可能並不適合所有人,但學習卻適合所有人。 學習是關於豐富我們的思想,磨練我們的技能以及改變我們看待世界和我們自己的方式。 通過擴展和挑戰我們的理解,它改善了我們的行為和思維方式。

Here I'm gonna tell you

In the end, I want to tell you all…

If you think 2020 was your bullshit year, then here is I gonna tell you : 2021 is not going to be your year unless you hold onto the hope things are going to get better. You have to have faith in your future. You have to keep moving forward even when you feel like slowing down. No matter what 2020 has put you through, you cannot give up hope. You cannot lower your expectations or your standards. You cannot decide to skip resolutions this year because you broke them every other year and do not see the point in even trying. You have to put aside your pessimism. You have to trust yourself because you are capable od achieving great things. Your loved ones know that. The question is whether you know that.

2021 is not going to be your year unless you work your ass off. You cannot procrastinate. You cannot tell your dreams to wait until tomorrow. Thinking big isn’t going to get you anywhere unless you decide to take action. You are allowed to rest when you need a mental health break, but you are not allowed to spend months on the couch scrolling through social media without moving a muscle. You are not allowed to spend every second of your free time with friends either, drinking until you forget your responsibilities. You are getting older. You need to get your shit together. You need to work on tinkering your world until you reach a place that makes you happy. After all, no one is going to hand you success on a silver platter. You have to follow your passions on your own. You have to find meaning on your own.

2021 is not going to be your year unless you learn to love yourself. You cannot tear yourself apart after every minor screwup. You cannot use negative words like awkward and unattractive to describe yourself. You cannot let yourself believe you are a burden to the people who love you the most. You are a beautiful human being. Yes, you have flaws and bad habits, but you are aware of them and you are fighting to break them. You are trying and that is what counts the most. This year, stop being so hard on yourself. Stop selling yourself short.


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