[ Restaurant ] Naked in Taipei

[ Restaurant ] Naked Bistro in Taipei

“Naked Bistro” is an extension of the concept of “Naked Market”. After re-decorating in 2020, the owner decided to join a team of chefs from “Raw” and ”Roubuchon” to reopening, which the Raw is a restaurant that get 2 stars of Michelin in Taipei and the Roubuchon is the first one that get the 1 star of Michelin in Taipei, those both are fantastic restaurant in Taipei.

[ Café ] Coutume in Paris – 7th Arr

[ Café ] Coutume in Paris – 7th Arr

The way of Coutume’s interior design is my favorite, which is industrial style, the high walls and timeworn mouldings, lichen and aloe growing in the sink, white laboratory tiles and scientific machines. As you can see that is a big open space, packed with tables and a long coffee bar that has the feel of an American diner. However, you can choose to sit inside or outside to enjoy sunshine, which is very cozy and chill.

3 things that you should know about Paris’ stairs.

3 things that you should know about Paris’ stairs.

When you arrive at Paris, I believe you are take passion and full exciting to visit it; however, when you arrive at the accommodation after you got off a long flight, you think you finally can take a rest a little bit, but you will see lots of stairs before you get your room, your head will pop up this sentence “Why isn’t there an elevator in my apartment building? I have to walk up multiple flights of stairs!” 

[ Attraction ] 9 spots in Bussels.

[ Attraction ] Top 10 spots in Bussels.

Brussels’, French is Bruxelles which is the capital of Belgium, also known as the European Capital, for it is the location of the European Union headquarters.

They said, Brussels is the most boring city in Europe, which don’t expect Brussels that you will have an excellent experience in there, also you only need to spend in half a day to visit it; however I don’t think so. 


[ Café ] Amazing StartBucks in Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam is a famous country for producing coffee beans in the world; however, you can also see Starbucks in Vietnam, which you may know how much they love coffee! Starbucks currently has many branches store around the world; nevertheless, there are some great Starbucks have awesome decorations in Saigon District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Not just like a general Starbucks in US or Taiwan; instead you will feel like you’re in Europe when you walking into the there’s Starbucks in Saigon, which it’s really refreshing.