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3 Ways to wear a scarf.


As you may know I’m a biggest accessorizer, although I keep my outfits simple and on the minimal side, I always follow the rule of accessory, which I love to using accessories to make some details on my dressing. However, today I am going to share some tips of how to using the scarf as an accessory with you.

你可能知道我是最大的裝飾商,儘管我的著裝簡單而簡單,但我始終遵循配飾規則,我喜歡使用配飾在我的著裝上做一些細節。 但是,今天我要看你分享一些 tips 去如何使用圍巾作為配件的用法。

1. As a Scarf.

Of course, you can always wear your scarf normally! It’s a great way to add a point of color or interest in your outfit. I prefer to loosely roll mine into a thin band and tie it to the side around my neck that will adds a chic and make me like a Parisian no matter where I am. But it’s boring to just wear them around my neck all the time, so read on to see what else you can do with them.

Outfit : All black with details.

How to make an all-black-outfit interesting

當然,作為圍巾,你可以始終正常穿著圍巾! 這是增加衣服色彩或趣味的好方法。 我更喜歡將地雷鬆散地綁成一條細帶子,然後綁在脖子上,無論我身在何處,都會使我更像巴黎人。 但是,一直把它們戴在我脖子上很無聊,所以繼續讀下去,看看你還能用它們做什麼。

2. As a Headband

One of my favorite ways to wear a scarf is as a headband. Despite there are multiple ways to style it, I only using the most simple way to do it. lol

Outfit : You should try 90s fashion

我最喜歡的戴圍巾的方法之一是把他當髮帶來使用。  儘管有很多種方法去使用,我還是只會使用最簡單的方法。 

This way to be a headband probably is best for someone, but not for me. You should find the best way to use it.

這個使用髮帶的方式可能很適合某人,但卻不適合我。 你應該要找到屬於你使用他的最佳方法。

Next time, I want to try this! In fact, I’m all thumbs when it comes to braiding my hair, which it’s a little bit hard for me, but I still want to try it tho. lol

下次,我想試試看這個使用法! 實際上,在編織頭髮時,我很笨手笨腳,所以這對我來說有點難,不過我還是想嘗試一下。

3. As a Bag Accent

The last one, if you don’t want to actually wear your scarf, you can opt for tying it around your bag’s handle. I think It’s an awesome way to make your bag stand out. I personally think this option looks great on all types of bags, no matter it’s a purses or a canvas bag.

現在,如果你不想把他用在你的身上,則可以選擇將其綁在包的提手處。 我認為這是讓你的包脫穎而出的絕佳方法。 我個人認為,無論是皮包還是帆布袋,此選項在所有類型的包上都不錯。

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