5 ways to wear the chain necklaces

gold chain necklaces

If you’re looking for just one jewelry trend to magically overhaul your entire look for the coming season, you’re in luck because I am going to tell you that it actually exists, which is gold chain necklaces. Chain necklaces are one of the must-haves for every woman as they mark your elegance no matter the setting. Jewelry levels up a woman’s looks and adds interest to her clothing. Simple looking chains combine well with beautiful pendants for everyday outfits but can also stand on its own on a busy dress.

In conjunction with its omnipresence on Instagram endorsement, which you can see the chunky gold chain necklace was without a doubt the standout star of this season, as you can see it’s destined to be all over It girls in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, too. You might still have trouble knowing how you can wear your chain necklace today. Read on to see how you can dominate with elegance using chain necklaces that I am going to tell you 5 ways.

如果你想尋找一種飾品的趨勢來革新下一個季節的整體穿搭,那你很幸運,因為我要告訴你,它確實存在,而最佳的飾品就是金鍊項鍊。鍊式項鍊是每個女人的必備品之一,無論設置如何,它們都標誌著您的優雅。 珠寶可以使女人的容貌煥然一新,並使衣服更加有趣。 簡單的鏈條可以與日常衣服的美麗吊墜很好地結合在一起,但也可以在繁忙的衣服上單獨站立。

結合其在Instagram上的無處不在,你可以看到矮胖的金鍊項鍊,他無疑是本季最傑出的明星,因為你可以看到他遍及在紐約、倫敦、米蘭和巴黎的時尚部落客身上。你可能還不知道要如何佩戴鍊式項鍊。 請繼續閱讀以了解如何使用鍊式項鍊在優雅中占主導地位,我將告訴你5種方式。

1. with your skin

Those are great examples on how to use a chain necklace to add some flavors to an average looking outfit. To achieve this high level street look, you can wear V-line or Crew-neck shirt to show chain necklace immediately. For sure, if you want to look more sexier and femininity, then you should choose the V-line.

這些都是很好的例子,說明如何使用鍊式項鍊為普通裝扮增添些許風味。 要獲得這種高級街頭風,你可以穿V字型或圓領襯衫立即展示鍊式項鍊。 當然,如果您想看起來更性感,更有女人味,則應選擇V形線。

2. with high neck style

As we get ready to swap sandals for boots, tank tops for sweaters, and sun dresses for weightier ones, jewelry is another category we’re preparing to transition from SS to FW that I think the high-neck style is the best choose for matching chain necklace in fall and winter. 


3. with T-shirt

This is another attempt to integrate a gold chain necklace into a work outfit. This time, the business casual outfit tilts towards the casual side. To form this outfit that looks super chic, which you can wear a white T-shirt with a slightly oversized blazer for the top. And you can hold your file or carry a clutch bag on your hand that will makes you look stylish and professional.


4. inside of shirt.

Who said that you have to put the chain necklace outside of your shirt? You still have another choose, which is you can put it inside of your shirt. As you may know that dainty, minimalist jewelry has spent the last few years dominating the trend cycle, which you have to let the necklace make the statement by keeping the rest of your look as simple as possible.

誰說你必須將項鍊放在襯衫外面? 你其實還有另一種選擇,那就是可以將其放入襯衫中。 如你所知,精緻、簡約的珠寶在過去幾年中一直佔據著趨勢週期的主導地位,你必須讓項鍊通過保持其餘外觀盡可能簡單來表達自己的風格。

5. sweatshirt

You probably know a layered tangle of chains makes for a cool contrast against the barely-there neckline of a slinky silk slip dress; and a sweatshirt with coordinating shorts creates the perfect framework to display a row of solid metal bonds around your neck. If you’re tired of the elegant style, then you should try this athleisure style.


In some cases, you might level up your fashion game to the point that it no longer represents you and your character. Accessories are meant to enhance your outfit while boosting your style confidence.

在某些情況下,你會將時尚升級到不再代表你和你的角色的程度。 配飾不只是在增強你的裝扮,同時增強你的自信風格。


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